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How to Attract a Younger Client Base

Often aesthetic clinics cater to middle-aged and older clients, helping mothers and grandmothers smooth out the wrinkles on their aging faces. Some women in their twenties will come in for anti-aging treatments, but more often your clients have waited until they are plagued with visible wrinkles on their faces before they come in to see you. That is great, you do love helping your older clients, but as a business you also need to keep expanding your client base for your business to grow. Over time, even your most loyal customers might reach an age where they no longer want to fight their wrinkles, they may run short on funds, or they may move to a different town, so if you do not attract more clients, your business will start to shrink.

One way to expand your client base is to expand the ages of clients you attract to your aesthetic clinic. The effect of attracting younger clients is two-fold. Firstly, of course, you get a higher number of clients. Secondly, though, you bring clients in that will stay with you until they do need those wrinkle treatments later in life. By bringing younger clients into your clinic, you not only increase your client base today, you increase your client base for the future.

You can attract younger clients to your clinic by offering a wider variety of treatment options. While they may not be interested in your anti-aging treatments, the younger crowd will still be interested in improving the look of their skin. Even young women can have dull, dry skin, sun-damaged skin, and acne issues. By offering treatments like facial peels and facial masks, you can help these young women get soft, glowing, even-toned skin.

In addition to offering a wider range of products in your clinic, you can offer your current products for a wider range of uses. You may use RESTYLANE® all the time to correct lines and wrinkles on mature skin, but many cosmetic doctors use this same product to correct acne scars. When you inject RESTYLANE® into an acne scar, the hyaluronic acid formula plumps up your young patient's skin, smoothing out the hollow area to match the surrounding skin. While the RESTYLANE® treatments for acne scars are not permanent, lasting about as long as wrinkle treatments, this can be an advantage for your patients who should not make permanent changes to their body while young. It also means that they will keep coming back to your clinic on a regular basis, until that day when they discover their first wrinkle.

Advertising acne scar treatments at your clinic can bring in a whole new generation of clients. You can even offer mother-daughter specials to your existing clients. Tell the mothers who come to your clinic that you will give them a discount if they bring their daughter in for acne scar treatments, and you can use RESTYLANE® to help both of them have smoother, more beautiful skin. Plus, once the younger clients' friends find out how they were able to smooth out their once acne-scarred skin, chances are they will come in too.

Even if you established your aesthetic clinic on the basis of anti-aging treatments, it is always a good idea to keep your mind open to other types of skin problems and other treatments. You can replace clients that have left and even expand your business by expanding your horizons. Just remember to buy some extra RESTYLANE® for when your new, young clients come in to smooth their acne scars.

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