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Sea Urchins Can Help Make You Look Young

Sea urchins and sea cucumbers have the unusual and remarkable ability to change the elasticity of collagen in their bodies and, as a result, these underwater creatures may hold the key to maintaining a youthful appearance in human beings.

The conclusion, which may sound a bit odd, comes from a study that was conducted by medical researchers and scientists at Queen Mary University of London.

The team behind the study investigated the genes of sea urchins and sea cucumbers and found the results indicated above -- these creatures have the ability to alter the elasticity of the collagen that exists in their bodies.

The researchers studied thousands of the underwater creatures and were able to determine that their genes were actually able to soften or, in some cases, harden, their collagen. According to the lead researcher, "it's an incredibly important and valuable discovery."

It is also very exciting according to the medical professionals because, even though sea urchins and sea cucumbers look nothing at all like human beings, they actually share some of the same traits. What that means is that if the sea life can alter collagen in their bodies, we, as human beings, may be able to do it, as well.

It seems almost hard to believe, but the study has led to discussions in the international medical community and has many people excited. There are almost certain to be additional studies conducted on this very same subject as funding becomes available.

And when that finally happens, it may be that researchers find even more links between sea creatures that live in water and human beings who live above sea level.

There can be no doubt that the pace of scientific discovery and advance is moving along rapidly.

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