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What You Need to Know About Breast Grafting

Breast augmentation is a big business in the United States. Women who are unhappy with their physical appearance and those who are recovering from cancer surgery are all potential clients, their self esteem and self confidence at stake.

As a practicing Plastic Surgeon, you know that the search for the "perfect" breast implant material has gone on seemingly forever and has resulted in a variety of interesting choices, everything from soy oil to paraffin.

But those materials have never felt natural to women who have had augmentation surgery and, like so many other materials, have become "failed experiments."

The current use of silicone implants is in vogue, in part because they have a high safety profile and because they produce the desired results -- larger and more shapely breasts. However, many women do not like the idea of putting something "foreign" in their bodies, a substance that feels unnatural to them.

As a result, "fat grafting" has begun to grow in popularity among Plastic Surgeons and with their patients, as well.

Fat grafting seems to make sense on a number of levels. It is available in other parts of a woman's body. It is natural and, when implanted, a woman's breasts retain a natural "look and feel."

When fat grafting was first introduced, there was some hesitation among doctors and potential patients that was based entirely on the number of procedures that might be necessary to complete the augmentation.

There was a secondary problem, as well. Fat grafting for augmentation made it difficult to read subsequent mammograms. Now, those early issues are finding resolutions and, as a result, fat grafting is growing rapidly in popularity.

Most women want breast augmentation that results in an increase from one cup to one and one half cups in bra size. As a practicing physician, you need simply use liposuction procedures to take fat from another part of the body and use it in the augmentation surgery.

It is working well, especially for those women that have some body fat.

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