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How to Make Those Cosmetic Treatment Results Last

Cosmetic treatments are a big investment for some patients. They may have to save up to get their dream aesthetic treatment results, so they want to get the most value out of their treatments and make them last as long as possible. The longevity of dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments does vary, but most dermal fillers last about six months to a year. However, there is a way to make the beautiful results of those cosmetic treatments last even longer.

TOUCH UP treatments can help your patients stay wrinke-free even longer than they normally would with their dermal filler injections. Teoxane made TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP for just this purpose. TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP actually has the same cross-linked hyaluronic acid formula as their popular TEOSYAL® GLOBAL ACTION dermal filler, but it comes in a more convenient quantity. Instead of buying the entire 1 ml syringe, your patients can instead purchase the 0.5 ml syringe of TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP. This means they can spend about half as much to get a touch-up dermal filler treatment at your clinic as they would for a full treatment. When your patient's wrinkles start to reappear after a few months, a little bit of TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP can refresh their look, smoothing out their facial wrinkles again and restoring their bright and hydrated complexion.

TEOSYAL® is produced with a special process that makes its hyaluronic acid formula highly cross-linked. This means that the particles are more stable and can last longer within your skin than plain hyaluronic acid would. TEOSYAL® is popular because the cross-linked formula lasts longer than other dermal fillers, but using TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP extends those results even longer. When your patients have moderate facial wrinkles, TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP can help keep those wrinkles looking smoother for longer.

TEOSYAL®'s line of dermal fillers are popular with many cosmetic surgeons because the results are smoother and longer-lasting. As well, Teoxane uses a special process to reduce the protein and bacterial endotoxin levels in its TEOSYAL® products, which means there is less chance of patients experiencing a hypersensitivity reaction than with other dermal fillers.

TEOSYAL® is also one of the few dermal filler brands to offer a touch-up product like TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP. This makes it a popular product with patients who have discovered just how much money they can save by extending their cosmetic treatments with a lower-cost, half-dose syringe of TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP. If you offer touch-up treatments in your clinic, it just might gain you the competitive edge in your local aesthetics market. The prospect of saving money and getting longer lasting anti-aging results will be a draw to your most budget-conscious customers. Advertise the touch-up treatments and offer them as a treatment option in your clinic to give your patients all the possible treatment choices.

Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on their cosmetic treatments, so be sure to keep some TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP in stock at your clinic to treat your mature but thrifty clients. They will appreciate being able to extend their wrinkle-reducing results for a lower price.

You can buy TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP at Medica Dept.

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