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Considering Soft Fillers? Top 4 Things You Should Know

woman considering dermal fillers

1.      Find the right doctor


A skilled and trained doctor will be able to choose the right products for your skin. Injecting facial fillers is a medical procedure, but it is also dependent on the artistic flair of the injector. Because different doctors have different techniques, you must choose your doctor carefully. Look for a doctor who is flexible, knowledgeable, and able to give you the results you want without sacrificing safety.


2.      Ask your doctor to use authentic products


The popularity of non-surgical procedures for anti-aging indications has also given rise to the propagation of knock-off products. These products are dangerous and a waste of your hard-earned money. That being said, some brands offer products worldwide. They carry the same formulation as what has been approved in the US, but the packaging may be slightly different. These are still genuine products of the brand.


3.      Ask your doctor about the different types of fillers


Temporary dermal fillers are short-term solutions to many age-related skin problems. They are composed of collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and poly-L-lactic acid. These biodegradable substances will disintegrate under the skin, eventually leaving the treated area in its original state. Permanent dermal fillers can last for more than 2 years but may not be suitable for everyone.


4.      Your doctor know best between popular and the right filler for you


Some fillers may be more requested. This may be due to the duration of the fillers effects, or due to the fact that there is a wider range of products available. This does not mean these fillers are better than a brand with fewer options. Some brands, such as Sculptra, only offer a single formulation that is indicated for a specific concern. Your doctor will discuss the best filler for your expectations and needs, so do not be alarmed if it is not the injectable you were expecting.


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