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Facial Peels Offer Anti-Aging Benefits for the Needle-Wary

Some women will go to any extreme to look younger. They are your faithful clients who come in every few months for a BOTOX® injection or a dermal filler touch-up injection. However, some women are a little more wary about getting any cosmetic treatment. They are the type that shudder at the thought of getting a needle anywhere near their face. As much as they would love to get rid of their crow's feet and other fine lines, they absolutely refuse to consider injections to smooth their skin texture.

So are the people who hate the thought of needles lost to you? Not at all! If your clinic has been focusing just on wrinkle relaxer and dermal filler injections, it's time to expand your offering to attract a wider clientele. When you offer less-invasive cosmetic treatments such as facial peels, you can still help your patients get more radiant skin with less visible fine lines and wrinkles. With a peel such as THE PERFECT PEEL, you can assure your clients that the experience will be no worse than a sunburn. All your clients have to do is lay there while you apply the peel to their skin, then their skin gradually peels off over the next few days to reveal fresh, smooth, younger-looking skin beneath.

Although a facial peel may not be able to tackle deeper wrinkles, it can be a great starter anti-aging treatment, especially for anyone that hates the thought of needles. When you offer THE PERFECT PEEL or other similar beauty treatments in your clinic, you will find your client base growing as the needle-wary patients come in for their cosmetic treatment of choice. The great thing is that facial peels can be a non-intimidating introduction to cosmetic treatments and to your clinic. As your new patients get used to coming into your clinic and they see how gentle you and your staff are, they may warm up to the idea of cosmetic injections. By the time their fine lines become deeper wrinkles and creases, your facial peel clients may be ready to take the plunge and finally try cosmetic injections. That's when they will see that they really aren't so bad, after all.

THE PERFECT PEEL in particular offers added benefits that other facial peels do not. This innovative peel is the only one that contains Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. The Glutathione in THE PERFECT PEEL helps to protect your client's skin against the free radicals that bombard their face every day. Not only is THE PERFECT PEEL helping to peel away layers of damaged and dull skin, at the same time it is helping to protect that fresh skin from future damage that causes wrinkles.

If you are looking for ways to attract a wider range of clientele to your aesthetic clinic, adding a facial peel like THE PERFECT PEEL is a great way to do so. Expand your clinic's services and attract new customers that will upgrade to dermal filler injections one day . . . when they are ready.

You can buy THE PERFECT PEEL from Medica Depot HERE.

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