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The New Way to Treat Cellulite

A newly-developed treatment for Cellulite, called Cellulaze, can "banish Cellulite in a single visit to your doctor's office.

The treatment is costly, it can set you back a few thousand dollars, but by all accounts it is effective.

If you opt to have this procedure, it will be done as outpatient surgery right in your doctor's office. He will begin by injecting anesthesia into your thighs or whatever part of your body that needs the treatment.

The next step requires that your physician make several very small incisions on the body part that is being targeted. And then, the work really begins. Cellulaze requires that a special laser gun be employed to correct and eliminate your cellulite problem.

Your doctor will "aim" his or her laser gun at the "fat globules" -- or bubbles -- that are the cause of your unsightly condition. The laser rays will then "pop" the fat bubbles, destroying them and, as a result, restoring your thighs or other affected body part to its original trim and slim appearance.

It is a relatively uncomplicated procedure, one that will have you in and out of your physician's office in the matter of a couple of hours or so.

And this procedure works. It actually "breaks down fat cells." That is why the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its use. According to the FDA, Cellulaze offers a permanent, long term solution to the problems caused by Cellulite.

In truth, Cellulaze treats and overcomes bulging fat, repairs thin skin problems and eliminates connective tissues that create unwanted dimples on your body, particularly on your legs.

Cellulaze may prove to be the best solution ever developed for the treatment and elimination of Cellulite. And, while it is a somewhat expensive procedure, its effects are long-lasting and positive.

If a trim, youthful and healthy appearance are important to you, it may make sense to consult with a Plastic Surgeon about this laser procedure, its costs and all that it may be able to do for you. There are Plastic Surgeons operating in all parts of the United States that are currently offering this procedure. It should be relatively easy for you to find a physician who is easily accessible and available.

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