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The Issue of Buyer's Remorse

Medical professionals, in particular Plastic Surgeons, know that there is often Buyer's Remorse from patients, especially after an operation has taken place.

The patient, in post-operative discomfort, often wonders why he or she has agreed to subject himself or herself to so much pain and expense, feelings that occupy a patient's mind while recovery is occurring.

In your role as a Plastic Surgeon, you know that the vast majority of the surgeries you perrform are elective and not necessary. They are done for cosmetic reasons and have little or nothing to do with a patient's health and well-being.

People who submit to elective surgery often have doubts about the wisdom of their decisions. You can help dispel those doubts by acting as a kind of resident psychologist, the wise physician who reminds the patient just why he or she agreed to the surgery.

Tell such people that their decisions were wise and sensible and then point out the many benefits that can now be enjoyed after the surgery has been successfully completed.

You may believe that as a skilled Plastic Surgeonyour responsibility to your patient begins and ends with the operation, but that would be a short-sighted view. You need your patients to leave your office satisfied and happy, content with the changes you've created for them.

As such, it is vitally important that you "switch hats" and give them the encouragement and reassurance they so badly need in order to feel really good about what you have done for -- and to -- them.

A simple, but understanding, bedside manner can help you to send your patients home happy and secure. And it can go a long way in building your reputation as a superb and reliable Plastic Surgeon.

That is definitely well worth a few comforting words from you to your patient.

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