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The Facts About Artefil

It is a well known fact that many plastic surgeons in the United States refuse to use Artefil, a widely circulated filler, because of their fears about long term complications that may result from its use.

The filler, which had been heavily used when it was first introduced, actually went "off the market" for quite some time after its manufacturer, Artes Medical, went bankrupt. The product reappeared when a new company, Suneda, began offering it for sale.

Today, many plastic surgeons continue to use this filler product without concerns because it does not produce granuloma, does not produce migration, does not produce lumps (all concerns associated with Artefil in the past), but does help in the completion of a successful cosmetic restoration.

That is the story about Artefil in the United States. There has been a much different result in Europe. Doctors in Western Europe have, for the most part, discontinued using Artefil because of a variety of problems associated with its use. In fact, there was even a call for a boycott by many licensed physicians and their patients.

That anger over Artefil and its use as a practical and serviceable filler actually did reach the shores of America where a number of licensed plastic surgeons sought to boycott the product, as well.

The current reality in the United States is that doctors that continue to use Artefil have been dubbed "fringe" medical professionals by the large group that opposes this product's use.

One truth about Artefil is that it promises to make one's skin soft and natural and, in many cases, it does just that. Of course, those who oppose this product have stated repeatedly that positive claims about Artefil are simply not true.

Meanwhile, in the United States at least, many doctors still treat their patients with Artefil.

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