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How to Choose the Correct Dermal Filler Treatment

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, one product does not fit all. While a standard dermal filler can correct a wide range of wrinkles and creases, it cannot tackle all applications. When you are purchasing products for your clinic, it is important to have a wide variety of products so you can choose the best dermal filler for a particular application. That way, you can ensure you give your patients the best results possible.

The different types of dermal fillers you should keep in your clinic include at least a general dermal filler, a thinner skinbooster made of hyaluronic acid, a thicker formula for treating deep lines or facial hollows, and a lip filler, as well as a botulism toxin product. That way, when a patient comes in with a particular problem, you have the correct product readily available.

The first thing you need to do when a patient comes into your clinic is ask them what their concerns are. While you might think they have a problem with wrinkles, or creases, or the shape of their nose, their concern may actually be the size of their lips. You do not want to make any assumptions that could offend your patient. Listen to them and their needs, then decide how best to help them.

Your next step is to examine your patient in the area they are concerned about. Some problems will have obvious solutions. If they want bigger lips, then filling their lips would be an appropriate treatment. If they have some fine lines, then treating those fine lines would be appropriate. However, some cases are not as clear. Your patient may come in with prominent nasolabial folds, for example. You may think that treating the folds themselves would be the obvious treatment, but that is not always the case. Look around the area to see if your patient has any other issues that may be causing the problem. For example, your patient may have slightly sunken cheeks as well, indicating that they have lost facial fat. In this case, adding volume to the cheeks could help lift the skin around the nasolabial folds, stretching out the skin to eliminate the folds.

In the case above, TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE could be an appropriate choice for treating your patient. You can inject TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE deep into your patient's subdermal layers of skin. TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE can provide the long-lasting volume you need to fill and plump the hollow areas of your patient's cheeks. This gives your patients a sort of liquid facelift, stretching their skin and lifting their facial features for a more awake, more youthful look.

The most important thing to remember when choosing an appropriate dermal filler treatment is that every case is different. You should listen to your patient's concerns and choose a product to treat the underlying cause of their issue, not just the obvious problem.

Having a variety of dermal fillers and other anti-aging products in your clinic allows you to choose the most effective solution for each individual patient's needs. Make sure your variety includes a dermal filler that can effectively treat deep and hollow areas of your patient's face, such as TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE. TEOSYAL® ULTIMATE can help you treat patients with the deepest lines and hollows, giving them a full, lifted, youthful look.

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