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Using Cosmetic Treatments to Succeed in Business

The business world can be competitive, both when getting a job and when trying to land that big client for the firm. What people say and how they say it matters in the business world, but so does appearance. Most hiring managers would not want to admit it, but they would rather hire a young go-getter than an aging candidate. The older jobseeker may be out of touch with trends or may be prone to age-related illness, or so goes the stereotype. Even if this is not true, first impressions are everything, and if the jobseekers look old, they are automatically at a disadvantage. The same is true of clients, who may judge a prospective account manager by their appearance.

To combat this unspoken age discrimination, many men and women are trying to get ahead in business by looking younger. When the smart suit and the slick hairdo are not enough, many turn to cosmetic treatments to gain an advantage. Since fine lines and wrinkles can betray their age, many patients opt for dermal filler injections to smooth out their wrinkles and take years off their appearance. With their new young, energetic look, they regain the confidence they need to get that dream job or that big account.

You can help these patients reduce the look of their facial wrinkles of course, but there is one area they have likely overlooked. Another area of their body that may betray their true age is their hands.

A firm handshake is important in business, from when your patients first meet a potential client to when they agree on a deal. They are putting their hands front-and-center as much as their face, and maybe even more. While your patients may be able to conceal wrinkles on their face with makeup, they will have a hard time concealing the wrinkles on their hands as their client feels the rough texture during that handshake. Your patient's true age becomes obvious, and suddenly the secret is out.

Considering how important the hands are in business, it may be surprising how often they are missed when it comes to cosmetic enhancements. You need to make sure your patients know there is a solution, though. When your patients have rough, dry, wrinkled, aging hands, you can use TEOSYAL® MESO to restore their hands back to their smooth, hydrated, youthful look. While TEOSYAL® MESO is made with hyaluronic acid like the dermal fillers you are used to using, TEOSYAL® MESO differs in that it has a thin, smooth formula. This makes it ideal for injecting into thin-skinned areas like your patient's hands. The hyaluronic acid re-hydrates your patient's hands and adds just enough volume to smooth out the wrinkles and roughness without being lumpy or obvious on the thin skin. If your patients have also had dermal filler treatments on their face, their hands will now have a matching youthful look. Their hands will also feel young and smooth in time for the next client handshake.

While it may not be fair, appearance does play a role in business, and some people want to get any advantage they can. For your patients who are concerned about their hand texture and appearance, keep TEOSYAL® MESO at your clinic. Restore their aging hands without the volume and help them succeed at their goals.


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