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How to Introduce Cosmetic Injectables Into Your Medical Practice

There is great demand for cosmetic injectables, and the industry is booming. Most experts expect the popularity of cosmetic injectables to continue their growth in the coming years, and as more and more people opt for cosmetic treatments, more and more medical professionals are needed to provide the treatments. The popularity of Medspas and other dedicated cosmetic facilities is growing, and they seem to be popping up everywhere these days. However, many other medical professionals offer cosmetic injections, like TEOSYAL® GLOBAL ACTION, in their practice. This includes plastic surgeons and dermatologists of course, but a variety of other doctors from family doctors to other medical specialists are now offering cosmetic injections as part of their practice. Even dentists in some areas are offering cosmetic injections, as they improve the look of their patients' teeth and then expand that treatment area to include their patients' mouth and surrounding skin.

The growing cosmetic injectables market means big opportunity for you and your medical practice, but how do you get started? Once you have the appropriate education and training of course, depending on your background, you need to let your patients know that you offer these additional services. In marketing, nothing is more coveted than a captive audience. A captive audience has nothing better to do than to listen to your marketing message, and the patients in your waiting room are a captive audience. Normally, they would flip through magazines or stare at the ceiling as they waited to come in for their regular medical treatment. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get your message to your patients about the new treatments you offer. You can do different things like have a brochure for them to flip through, place posters and signs on your wall for them to read, or even have a video message playing announcing your new services and demonstrating the results of the TEOSYAL® GLOBAL ACTION or other treatments. You can have your receptionist mention the new treatments when your patients check in for their appointment too. While not all of your existing patients will be interested in cosmetic treatments, at least they will be aware that you offer that option, and the patients who are interested will be able to book their appointments.

If you have an existing mailing list for your current patients, that gives you an opportunity to market your new cosmetic services to them using that mailing list. You can also print your appointment reminder cards with a note that you also offer cosmetic injections, and mention the services on your website, yellow pages ad, or anywhere else you advertise your services. You can probably come up with even more creative ways to market your new cosmetic treatments to your existing patients. The important thing to remember is that you have a large number of potential customers for your new cosmetic services, you just have to make sure you let them know about it.

Whether you start offering your patients TEOSYAL® GLOBAL ACTION injections or other cosmetic treatments, you can benefit from the growing popularity of dermal fillers and other cosmetic procedures. This is a growing business, and your medical business can grow along with it. Get some TEOSYAL® GLOBAL ACTION or another dermal filler and start testing cosmetic treatments as part of your existing medical practice.

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