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How to Give the Quickest and Easiest Osteoarthritis Relief

Retirees these days just are not what they used to be. Back in our grandparents' day, when older people developed osteoarthritis they were relegated to the rocking chair. They would sit at home all day, trying their best to stay off their sore knees and avoid aggravating their osteoarthritis symptoms. These days, this is not the lifestyle that many grandparents want. They want to stay active, walking the dog, playing with the grandkids and getting out shopping, and they do not want their osteoarthritis to keep them cooped up inside. Some may use pain relievers or anti-inflammatories to relieve their symptoms, but others prefer not to add even more medication to their daily regimen.

To avoid arthritis medications, many patients opt for a different option, hyaluronic acid injections. Injections of SYNVISC® or other similar products can help lubricate and cushion your patient's knee or other joint. Instead of their bones rubbing together painfully as they walk, your patient effectively gets an insole for their knee, cushioning their every movement. Instead of being cooped inside like past generations, your patient can get up and walk around again, regaining their social life. They don't feel old enough to be feeble, and after their SYNVISC® injections your patient's body will match their young-at-heart mental state. They can be almost as active as in their younger days, and most importantly, they can be independent.

SYNVISC® injections sound quick and easy enough, offering your patients six months of osteoarthritis relief. However, they do require your patient to return to your office every week for three weeks. This just may not fit into your patient's busy schedule. They have an active social life, with shopping on Mondays, yoga on Tuesdays, lunch with friends on Wednesdays, art class on Thursdays, and volunteer work on Fridays ... when will they ever find time to come into your office three weeks in a row? Your patients who want to just get their osteoarthritis treatment over and done with quickly do have an option, though. SYNVISC® now offers an all-in-one osteoarthritis treatment, called SYNVISC ONE®. Instead of three injections every six months, SYNVISC ONE® just requires one injection for half a year of osteoarthritis relief. While some of your patients may find the one-time treatment with SYNVISC ONE® a little less comfortable, since you are injecting a larger volume of hyaluronic acid into their joint all at once, others may appreciate how much time it saves and how much easier it is to fit a visit to their doctor into their busy schedule. You can keep both SYNVISC® and SYNVISC ONE® in your clinic and let your patients choose which one they prefer.

With people getting busier every day, many are looking to get things done quicker and easier. When your patients see you stock SYNVISC ONE® in your clinic, they will realize just how easy it is to fit a doctor's visit into their jam-packed schedule. They can find the osteoarthritis relief they need quicker and easier with just one SYNVISC ONE® injection, and you can help them make that choice.

You can buy SYNVISC ONE® from Medica Depot HERE.

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