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Planning Ahead for Seasonal Cosmetic Treatments

You have probably noticed that some times of the year your clinic is swamped with patients wanting to book an appointment, and other times things are a little slower. Some of the more popular times of the year for cosmetic treatments are before the Christmas holidays and during wedding season. This is because your patients want to look their best for special occasions, whether they are the bride-to-be or just a guest at a party. Those times of the year are great opportunities for you to reach out and find new business, but you have to plan ahead and time it right.

As you know, some cosmetic treatments do offer almost instant results and some take a little longer. Even injections of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Surgiderm do need to be planned in advance. Even though your patient may have instantly plumped and smoothed skin after their Surgiderm injections, they could have some bruising, swelling, redness or other visible symptoms. Clearly getting a Surgiderm injection right before heading to a wedding is not a good idea. Your patient will likely need about a week to make sure their side effects have faded in time. This means that they need to book their appointment at least a week before a special occasion, but it also means you need to advertise to them more than a week in advance. Advertising to your clients to come in for treatments to look their best for Christmas parties is not a good idea on Christmas Eve. Even if your clients do book a last-minute treatment that day, they will be bruised and disappointed for Christmas. You should start advertising well in advance of coming holidays to give your clients time to decide to book an appointment, book their appointment, and be fully recovered for their event.

Advertising early can also help you bring in new clients before someone else has a chance to. Wedding season is a great example. Your potential clients want to look their best for their wedding, but they are also making wedding preparations months in advance. Chances are, if they have booked a June wedding, they have already made their beauty appointments well in advance. If you are thinking of advertising Surgiderm treatments to brides, you need to advertise before wedding season begins.

You should also make sure you are prepared before your annual influx of patients. Turning patients away because you are fully booked is one thing, but turning patients away because you are out of Surgiderm is quite another. Many dermal fillers have enough time before best before dates that you can stock up before a popular season hits you. If you expect more patients to come in around the Christmas holidays or around wedding season, purchase some extra Surgiderm in advance. That way, if a patient calls you in a panic asking if you can take them in at the last minute, you can tell them yes. It never hurts to be prepared.

The key to monetizing special occasions like Christmas or weddings is to plan in advance. Keep track on a calendar any upcoming events, and plan your marketing and your purchasing accordingly. Wedding season is almost here, so stocking up on Surgiderm is a good idea to help brides and guests look their best when they come to you for help.

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