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Chin Surgeries Are On The Rise

Statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that chin augmentation surgery is one of the fastest growing plastic or cosmetic surgery treatments in the United States among all major demographics.

That means, of course, that this special type of surgery is extremely popular with all racial groups, all ethnic groups, both sexes and people of all ages.

In fact, in the recent past chin augmentation surgery grew more than breast augmentation, BOTOX® injections and liposuction combined. That impressive showing occurred as recently as 2011, just about two years ago.

The popularity of this relatively new procedure seems to be rooted in the fact that aging baby boomers, after looking in the mirror, develop an urgent need to restore a youthful appearance for themselves. It is, for these older Americans, probably part vanity and, perhaps more importantly, a desire to recapture and hold on to fading youth.

And, while chin augmentation has clearly captured the attention of senior citizens, it is also big with the over twenty crowd and even bigger with the over forty crowd.

In modern America, looking and feeling young, regardless of one's age, appears to be an almost uncontrollable obsession. That would seem to explain the desire of so many people to submit to cosmetic surgery which is, of course, elective and not necessary for good health.

But it does seem to be necessary for a good sense of well-being, for improved self esteem and self confidence and for a dramatically enhanced physical appearance.

With people in virtually every demographic group opting for this surgery, it certainly seems likely that chin augmentation procedures will continue to grow in popularity in the months and years ahead.

Today, most plastic surgeons offer this "special surgery" so if you are interested in having it done it should be easy to find the best physician possible.

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