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Building Up the Skin's Structure from the Inside Out

There are a few different ways to reduce wrinkles. Cosmetic surgeons can stretch the skin surgically, they can use wrinkle relaxing injections to relax the muscles beneath the skin, or they can use fillers such as hyaluronic acid to add volume to the skin, which stretches out the wrinkles. However, other types of dermal fillers can restore mature skin, rebuilding the skin's structure from the inside out. One such dermal filler is RADIESSE®.

While most of the injections in a cosmetic clinic involve either botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid, RADIESSE® is different. Instead of temporarily adding volume to the skin like a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid, RADIESSE® builds up the skin's structure gradually over the course of a year or two. This gives RADIESSE® a couple of advantages over other wrinkle-fighting products. First, your patients will be able to enjoy their smooth skin for longer since RADIESSE® lasts longer than fillers made of hyaluronic acid or wrinkle relaxers that paralyze muscles. Second, instead of adding a filler substance to their skin, with RADIESSE®, patients will be building up their collagen naturally. This means that their skin structure will both look and feel natural.

Instead of being made of a substance that simply fills your patient's skin with volume, RADIESSE® was designed to encourage collagen growth. RADIESSE® is made of microsphere particles of calcium hydroxylapatite suspended in an injectable gel, and these particles are similar to what is normally found within human bone. These particles act as a scaffold which collagen grows on, just like tissue forming on top of the bones that form a patient's facial structure. As the collagen grows through neocollagenesis, structure is restored to your patient's skin. Instead of being sagging and wrinkly, your patient's skin becomes firmer and tighter again once the collagen forms.

Many cosmetic surgeons as well as patients prefer RADIESSE® to other wrinkle treatments partly because it lasts longer and partly because it is a gradual, natural process. The results of a RADIESSE® treatment look natural because the collagen forms within the skin as it would have in your patient's younger years.

If your patients are uncomfortable with the idea of simply filling their skin with a substance, or being injected with a neurotoxin that is related to botulism, RADIESSE® might be a good choice for them. Your patients will have the opportunity to gradually and naturally replace their lost facial structure from within. In addition, RADIESSE® is longer-lasting than many other dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections, which means your patients can save both time and money coming in for cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetic treatments do not have to be about just filling in wrinkles temporarily. With products like RADIESSE®, you can help your patients improve the look of their skin for a year or two, fitting wrinkle treatments in with their busy schedule and tight budgets. When you explain the benefits of RADIESSE® to your patients, make sure you have some in stock in your clinic because chances are your patients will choose the longer-lasting wrinkle treatment that helps them to rebuild their skin structure from within.

You can buy RADIESSE® 1.5ml from Medica Depot HERE.

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