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Reversing the Effects of Smoking on Your Patient's Skin

Many people started smoking without knowing the effects that it can have on the human body, and even science is finding out more and more every day. Most people are aware now of the link between smoking and cancer, but they may not be aware of some of the other effects that smoking can have. Many anti-smoking campaigns now aimed at young women highlight what long-term smokers are starting to see in their own faces: smoking can affect your beauty. Even when your patients quit smoking, they are still left with the skin damage that all those years of smoking have caused.

What are the effects that smoking can have on your patients' skin? Besides cancer, smoking can cause premature aging of the skin. Often your smoker patients end up looking much older than their true age, with many more wrinkles than their non-smoking peers. With cigarette smoke exposure, your patients' skin can be damaged by all the chemicals, becoming drier, saggier, and wrinklier. These patients need your help to restore their skin to its proper look.

One area where your smoking patients will often notice their first wrinkles is in the aptly named smoker's lines. These are lines that form around your patients' mouth, and they are especially common in smokers. This is because smokers spend much of their time pursing their lips as they smoke their cigarette, constantly scrunching up the muscles around their mouth. After years of this action, lines form, making your patients look old and tired.

There is a product you can use to restore your smoking patients' skin. You may think RESTYLANE® Lipp is only meant for filling and plumping your patients' lips, but it can do so much more. RESTYLANE® Lipp is also great to use in areas around your patients' mouths, filling in fine lines that form around their mouths, especially if they are smokers. Since the lips are such a prominent facial feature, smoker's lines can be one of the most noticeable signs of aging, alerting everyone around them that not only is your patient getting older, they have also damaged their skin through smoking.

RESTYLANE® Lipp works through the action of its hyaluronic acid formula. When you inject RESTYLANE® Lipp around your patient's mouth, the hyaluronic acid enters the skin and immediately plumps up the skin. The smoker's lines around your patient's mouth are now smoother and less noticeable, as well as being more hydrated. You can restore your patient's mouth to look like they never smoked a day in their life.

RESTYLANE® Lipp is a great product to use on smoker's lines because although it is a smooth product, it is also formulated to be stable and resist breaking down within your patient's skin. This means that it can stand up to the movement as your patients continue to use their mouth for talking, smiling, eating, and even, although you hope not, smoking. RESTYLANE® Lipp is stable enough to last about six months for most patients, even in the harsh mouth area.

Statistically, you probably have plenty of patients who are smokers and former smokers. Keep some RESTYLANE® Lipp in stock at your clinic to help these smokers restore their mouth to a pre-smoking look.

You can buy RESTYLANE® Lipp from Medica Depot HERE.

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