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Treating Your Patient's Forgotten Wrinkles

Your patients look in the mirror every day and focus on those crow's feet and other facial wrinkles they would like to get rid of. You can help them, of course, when they come into your aesthetic clinic for dermal filler or wrinkle relaxing injections. However, when they leave your clinic with their smoother, younger-looking face, they may not realize that their beauty secret is about to betrayed. It's not their best friend spreading beauty gossip, it's their own body. Your patient's younger-looking face may be in sharp contrast to its neighbor, a wrinkled neck.

The neck is often neglected in beauty routines throughout your patient's life. Your patient is careful to put moisturizer on their face every night and morning, and sunscreen on their face when they go out in the sun. However, most people miss giving their neck any attention at all. Their neck gets just as exposed to the sun and other environmental damage, and the skin is just as sensitive as the skin of the face. This means that your patient's neck will likely have as many wrinkles as their face by the time they get older. When your patient walks out of your clinic with a smooth face and a wrinkled neck, it becomes obvious to others not only their true age but also the fact that they have had work done. Chances are, your patient is so focused on their beautiful new face that they don't even notice the sharp contrast to their wrinkled, older-looking neck.

You can help your patients get that all-over younger look by treating the wrinkles on their neck and their decolletage, which is the area between their chest and their neck, visible in clothing with low necklines. However, a regular dermal filler just will not do. The neck is a sensitive area with thin skin, and a regular dermal filler may be too thick to smooth out the wrinkles without adding bulk to this thin area. You need to purchase a specialized product that was created to tackle wrinkles on the difficult, thin skin of the neck and decolletage. One such product is RESTYLANE® VITAL™, made by Q-Med AB. RESTYLANE® VITAL™ is made with hyaluronic acid, just like the dermal fillers in the RESTYLANE® product line. However, RESTYLANE® VITAL™ is made with smaller particles to make it thinner and smoother, flowing evenly throughout your patient's neck and decolletage. RESTYLANE® VITAL™ acts as a skinbooster, rehydrating the skin, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, and improving the elasticity of your patient's skin. When you treat your patients with RESTYLANE® VITAL™, they can get the same smooth, younger-looking skin on their neck and decolletage as they have on their face from their RESTYLANE® dermal filler treatments. Now when your patients walk down the street, they will turn heads not because of a mismatched skin tone but because of their beautiful, overall younger-looking skin.

As your patient's trusted skin care adviser, it is your job to recommend the treatments that will benefit them the most. When your patient is focused on their pesky facial wrinkles, make sure they realize just how important the skin texture on their neck really is to their overall look. Purchase RESTYLANE® VITAL™ for your cosmetic clinic and you will have it ready when your patients notice their forgotten neck wrinkles. You will make an extra sale from an existing client, and at the same time your patient will benefit from their smoother, more hydrated skin on their neck and decolletage. Everybody wins when you add RESTYLANE® VITAL™ to your aesthetic clinic's treatment options.

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