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How to Help Patients Get Rid of Acne Scars

Acne is a rite of passage for teenagers. Some get it worse than others, but we all go through it with anything from a pimple here and there to a face absolutely covered in red bumps. Most people are happy to leave their acne days behind them as they get older. However, some people are left with permanent acne scars to remind them of the troubled skin of their teens. This can mar their natural beauty, giving them skin imperfections that just cannot be covered with makeup. Your patients may think there is no hope, but you can help them.

There are a few different types of acne scars, but dermal fillers like RESTYLANE® TOUCH can treat many acne scars, smoothing out the skin to a soft-textured, smooth surface. If your patient has atrophic acne scars, which are depressions in their skin, then you can inject a dermal filler into the skin to fill and raise the area, much as you would when treating wrinkles. Much like with a wrinkle, when you inject RESTYLANE® TOUCH, the hyaluronic acid formula plumps up the skin of the affected area to match the surrounding skin, making a smooth, even surface.

There are some differences between using RESTYLANE® TOUCH to treat acne scars versus wrinkles. With wrinkles, you are simply trying to fill the wrinkle and rehydrate the skin. However, with acne scars, there is scar tissue beneath the skin which can not only contribute to the poor skin texture but also interfere with the effects of the dermal filler. When using RESTYLANE® TOUCH to treat acne scars, it is a good idea to use a subscision technique. Insert the RESTYLANE® TOUCH needle into your patient's dermis then use the sharp needle to cut apart and break up the acne scar. Instead of having a hard lump of scar tissue beneath their skin, your patient will have a softer, smoother base to build on. With the RESTYLANE® TOUCH flowing beneath the surface of your patient's skin, they will have a filled-in yet still smooth area that matches the rest of their face.

Because dermal fillers like RESTYLANE® TOUCH can be used to treat acne scars as well, not just wrinkles, this gives you a chance to expand your client base in your clinic. Instead of mainly having middle-aged women come into your clinic, you will have a whole new generation of young women in their late teens and twenties. They will get their acne scar treatments now, but as they become loyal customers they will know where to go for treatments when their first wrinkles appear later in life. Another advantage of treating acne scars in your clinic is that it will attract young men to your clinic as well. Men suffer from acne as teens just as much as women, and they scar just as badly, so you will be able to offer RESTYLANE® TOUCH treatments to help them as well. So not only do acne scar treatments increase the age rage of women in your clinic, but they expand your business to include men as well.

Acne is something that everyone goes through, and many are left with the scars for the rest of their life. This means that offering RESTYLANE® TOUCH treatments in your clinic can increase your business today as well as gain more wrinkle-treatment patients in the future. Stock up on RESTYLANE® TOUCH for your clinic and you can help young women and men get smoother, more beautifully textured skin.

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