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Help Patients Refresh Their Appearance for Spring

Spring is here, and after a winter of bitterly cold and stormy weather, people are starting to emerge from their homes into the sunshine. The problem is, winter may have taken its toll on their skin. The cold and dry weather likely dried out your patients' skin, leaving it dry and dull and just not looking its best. Now that Spring is here, many of your patients will want to refresh their appearance as they take off their scarves and get out in the sun.

Many of your patients may not need intervention for wrinkles and creases, but their skin could use some refreshment. External skin moisturizers could help, but you can also give your patients hydrated skin from within, making it look more refreshed and brighter. Products like RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR act as a skinbooster as opposed to a dermal filler. RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR is made of hyaluronic acid, just like dermal fillers, but it has a thin formula of small hyaluronic acid particles that you can inject shallowly within your patient's skin. Instead of adding volume to your patient's skin, RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR adds moisture, brightening and refreshing your patient's complexion. Hyaluronic acid binds to water molecules within your patient's skin, so it holds onto moisture near the surface of your patient's skin. Instead of having dry, dull skin, your patients will have a fresh face as they go out into the sunny spring weather.

The great thing about RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR is that it has a unique injector that benefits you. Using RESTYLANE® VITAL™ Light involves making more than a hundred injections across your patient's skin, which can get uncomfortable after a while if you are using a regular syringe. However, the RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR is ergonomically designed for you to grip it comfortably, even when making so many injections. It has the added bonus of injecting a pre-measured dose of RESTYLANE® VITAL™ Light into your patient's skin with each injection, which saves you time and effort having to watch how much you are injecting each time. So not only does RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR help your patient refresh their appearance, it helps you deliver the treatment more accurately and comfortably.

The RESTYLANE® VITAL™ Light thin formula is not only great for refreshing your patient's face, but it can also refresh their neck, decolletage, and hands. The formula is smooth and effective for rehydrating areas of thin skin, smoothing out any lines, wrinkles or uneven skin texture that may have developed. Hands get especially dry in winter, exposed to the bitterly cold weather as your patients brush off their car or shovel their driveway, so they too could use a refresher when spring comes. RESTYLANE® VITAL™ Light can rehydrate your patient's hands more than any external hand lotion, since the moisture is being added to the skin from within. You can give your patients a fresher and more hydrated face, soft and hydrated hands, and a smooth neck as their wardrobe moves from gloves and scarves to tank tops and shorts.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so it is time for your patients to refresh their skin and come out of hibernation looking like a new, younger version of their old self. Add RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR to your clinic's treatment options and your patients will love how fresh their glowing, revitalized skin looks in the mirror. Make sure you stock up on RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR in time for the warmer weather to arrive.

You can buy RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR from Medica Depot HERE.

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