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Promoting Your Clinic With Social Media

Finding new clients for your clinic can get expensive if you are placing newspaper advertisements, paying for phone book listings and printing fliers to deliver. However, the internet has opened up many cost-effective ways for you find new clients that are interested in your clinic's services. Social media in particular has opened the door to cost-effective advertising. Advertising on social media can cost as little as only the time you invest in it. If you or your staff have some downtime here and there, you can keep up a basic social media presence and attract new business to your clinic online.

If you are new to social media, you may not know where best to concentrate your efforts. Facebook is great for clinics and spas because it is a social network made up tight-knit social circles. If your clients have a great experience at your clinic, they will likely want to tell their friends and family so they can look good too. Facebook is highly visual, as are photo-based sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. These types of sites lend themselves well to businesses like yours that are focused on enhancing beauty because you can show beautiful faces to the world. Twitter is another major social media website, and its advantage is that it allows you to broadcast to a wide audience, potentially attracting a variety of new clients.

So how do you use social media to promote your clinic? The first step is to create your profiles with some basic information about your business, such as the address and contact information. From there, it helps to add content on a regular basis. In your line of work, one of the best things you can post to your social media accounts is the beautiful results of your services. For example, if you have a patient come into your clinic for RESTYLANE® PERLANE® treatments, ask their permission to take a before and after picture. You can always use a black bar to disguise their identity or take the picture from below the eyes if they prefer. When you post these before and after shots to your clinic's social media accounts, prospective patients see how well RESTYLANE® PERLANE® smooths out wrinkles and creases. Once they see what RESTYLANE® PERLANE® did for your other patients, they will want to come in to get the same results themselves. It is one thing to describe what your RESTYLANE® PERLANE® treatments will do, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture of RESTYLANE® PERLANE® results says it all about this effective anti-aging treatment.

Remember that it is called social media for a reason. Besides posting results of a few RESTYLANE® PERLANE® treatments yourself, encourage others to post their own RESTYLANE® PERLANE® results to social media as well. Many patients are eager to share their new, beautiful look, so ask them to be sure to mention where they got their treatments and reference your clinic's social media accounts when they post the results online. You could even host some sort of contest to encourage your clients to post their results. Soon all their friends and online contacts will know where they should go to improve their look too.

Social media can allow your clinic to let even more people know about the great services you offer. When you encourage your clients to share their results, you can get even better results from your social media marketing efforts. Just be sure to have plenty of RESTYLANE® PERLANE® on hand, because when word spreads about the great results your patients experienced from their RESTYLANE® PERLANE® injections, their online social circle will be booking their cosmetic treatment appointments too.

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