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Don't Forget, Men Care About Their Looks Too

Sometimes when you run a MedSpa you focus on your typical client. The stereotypical cosmetic procedure client is a woman around middle-age who comes in for anti-aging treatments. When you prepare your marketing materials to bring in new clients, the typical client comes to mind, and that is the demographic you target. You may target the stereotypical MedSpa client directly by selecting where to advertise your business, or you may target the stereotypical MedSpa client indirectly by focusing on procedures and using imagery that appeals to that target group. While this can be an effective way to bring in more middle-aged women, you may be unintentionally driving away other potential business. One often overlooked group is men, who may be intimidated by your MedSpa's focus on serving women.

Traditionally, cosmetic treatments were mainly for women, but much has changed in recent years. More and more men are coming into MedSpas to improve their looks, often hoping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on their mature skin with products like RESTYLANE® PERLANE®. There are a few different things driving this trend. For one thing, men may want to look younger and more handsome for the dating scene. Men may also want to regain their youthful look for their careers, as companies look to hire younger men and clients want a young go-getter managing their accounts. Mainly, though, it has simply become more acceptable for men to take an interest in their looks. It is more acceptable these days for a man to get a pedicure and to take care of their skin, and many women prefer the man who takes care of his body to the traditional manly man with calloused hands.

If you have noticed more men getting cosmetic procedures lately, it is not just your imagination. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons support this observation. In 2012, almost one and a half million men had hyaluronic acid injections from products such as RESTYLANE® PERLANE®. Over fourteen million men had some sort of cosmetic procedure in 2012, which is a 22 percent increase from the year 2000. Men make up a market segment with huge potential, and if you are not catering to men at your MedSpa, you are missing out on a great opportunity to increase your business.

Wrinkle-reducing treatments remain one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that men opt for. Let men know that you can use RESTYLANE® PERLANE® to fill and smooth their wrinkles, giving them the youthful look they desire to succeed in business and in life. Start to target your MedSpa's advertisements towards men, either with more gender-neutral images and language in your general advertisements or by creating special advertisements for the men. Include images in your advertising of men like them and they will know they are welcome at your MedSpa. You can also start advertising in places where men are more likely to be looking. You can use terms like "RESTYLANE® PERLANE® treatments for men" in your online search engine advertising, or you can take a more novel approach, by offering a free RESTYLANE® PERLANE® treatment as a prize at a local car show, for example. You need to signal to men that your MedSpa is not an exclusive women-only club, that they are welcome there as well.

RESTYLANE® PERLANE® is a popular wrinkle-filler treatment with men as it is with women, helping to smooth their deep wrinkles for a softer, smoother, younger look. When you bring more men into your MedSpa, be sure to have plenty of dermal fillers such as RESTYLANE® PERLANE® on hand as your business increases.

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