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Educating Your Male Patients About Cosmetic Treatments

Almost everyone has heard of BOTOX®, so often that is the treatment people think of when they think wrinkle treatments. Many women are aware of a wider variety of wrinkle treatments because they hear about them from their social circle. Men often do not have this knowledge simply because most men do not discuss anti-aging or any beauty-related treatments with their peers. Since cosmetic treatments are more taboo for men, they suffer from this lack of information. This is something you should keep in mind when male patients come into your clinic.

Men will often come into your clinic thinking BOTOX® is their only wrinkle-fighting option, and sometimes they do not make it into your clinic at all because they are afraid of BOTOX® injections. It is important to let the men who come into your clinic know about your wide range of wrinkle treatment options, such as dermal fillers like RESTYLANE® With Lidocaine. However, it is also important to spread the message as much as possible through your marketing efforts and social media channels. The more men are aware of the wide variety of treatment options your clinic offers, the more likely they will come in for one of those treatments.

Chances are, your average male patient knows less about dermal fillers than your average female patient. It is important to explain to the men what dermal fillers do and how they work. For example, you can explain to them that RESTYLANE® With Lidocaine is made with hyaluronic acid, a substance you normally find in the human body. You can tell the men how RESTYLANE® With Lidocaine will plump up to about a thousand times its size within their skin, and this volume stretches the loose skin back out to smooth out their wrinkles. If the men are unsure of how they will look after their RESTYLANE® With Lidocaine treatment, you can reassure them that it gradually breaks down within their body and will last about six months to a year within their skin. This is something the women in your clinic may know by talking to their friends, but men usually do not have this peer support group for cosmetic treatments.

As tough as most men want to appear, a surprising number of them are actually afraid of needles. Some may be especially afraid of having a needle injected into their face. For these men, you can reassure them that RESTYLANE® With Lidocaine will help them ease their discomfort. The Lidocaine is an anesthetic that helps to numb the injection area, reducing any pain they may have felt from the needle puncture. This knowledge will be reassuring to many men, even the ones who do not want to admit they are afraid of needles.

When it comes to cosmetic enhancements, many men simply do not have the same knowledge that many women take for granted. Keep this in mind both when marketing to men and when they enter your clinic, and you can help give the men the education they are lacking. This should result in more business for your clinic as men become more aware of the variety of cosmetic treatment options they can choose from. They may be surprised to learn just how many anti-aging products and treatments there are out there, and RESTYLANE® With Lidocaine just may become their favorite product. Make sure you order RESTYLANE® With Lidocaine for your clinic, because once men realize just how well it can reduce their wrinkles, they will be stopping by your clinic for an injection.

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