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How to Resculpt a Face Without Plastic Surgery

Some patients want to make minor cosmetic improvements to their bodies. Others want to go to the extreme, totally changing their face to look like their favorite celebrity or even a Barbie doll. Somewhere in between you have patients that would like to make moderate changes to their face, maybe a nose of a different shape or apple cheeks or a more sculpted jawline. Depending on exactly what changes your patients want to make, they may not have to resort to plastic surgery to get the look they want. You can shape and sculpt your patients' features using special dermal fillers.

One such sculpting dermal filler is TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP. Swiss pharmaceutical company Teoxane developed an entire line of dermal fillers instead of just one general filler, each with a specific purpose. TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP is their densest formula, made with non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, and created to tackle the deepest and most voluminous areas of your patients' faces. You can inject TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP into your patients' deepest dermis, allowing you to make significant changes to your patients' faces.

TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP can correct your patients' deep wrinkles and severe facial lines, smoothing out their skin for a more youthful look. However, because TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP has a thick formula that you inject deep in the dermis, you can also use it to resculpt facial features. For example, your patient may have hollow cheeks or even just flat cheeks. You can inject TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP in large quantities to fill in the hollow cheeks or even plump the cheek area, giving your patient a desirable apple cheek look. In a similar fashion, you can inject TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP higher on your patient's face to give them the look of a high cheekbone. Injecting TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP can also give your patients a sharper jawline, a rounder nose, or many other changes your patient may desire.

Plastic surgery is not always the best option, so any time you can achieve the same effect with an injection, it benefits your patients. While dermal fillers do cost money, plastic surgery can be much more expensive. Plastic surgery also has its risks like any surgery, but an injection of TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP is much less invasive. One of the biggest benefits of TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP injections to your patient is that they can get immediate results, and they have little downtime. Plastic surgery, on the other hand, has a long recovery time as your patient is wrapped in bandages. While TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP may not be an alternative to all types of plastic surgery, it can replace plastic surgery in many cosmetic enhancements.

Another advantage of TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP is that it is long-lasting, lasting about a year for most patients, but it is not permanent. That means that if your patients are not sure about how they will look with their resculpted facial features, or if they want plastic surgery while they are young but change their mind as they get older, they are not stuck with the results of cosmetic surgery.

When your patients come to you wanting plastic surgery, you may be able to tell them they have a better option. Given the choice between expensive and painful plastic surgery with all that down time, versus a simple injection of hyaluronic acid, most patients will opt for the TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP injections. It really is a no-brainer. Add TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP to your clinic's medical supply cabinet and have it on hand as an alternative to plastic surgery. Your patients will appreciate having all the possible options to get the look they desire.

You can buy TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP from Medica Depot HERE.

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