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Refreshing Your Patient's Appearance

Most dermal fillers help to correct wrinkles, hollows or other major skin flaws. Dermal fillers made with hyaluronic acid also have the added benefit of refreshing your patient's skin, leaving it not only smoother but also more hydrated with a healthy glow. People working in the skincare industry started to wonder if they could give the same hydrated and refreshing benefits of a dermal filler without adding unnecessary volume to their patients' skin. JUVÉDERM® responded to this need by creating a lighter version of its dermal fillers, a skinbooster called JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™.

You may be wondering what is the difference between a skinbooster and a regular dermal filler? JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ and the other JUVÉDERM® products are all made from the same main ingredient, hyaluronic acid. However, the JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ particles are smaller, allowing it to spread evenly and thinly within your patients' skin. This means that you can use JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ to give refreshment to your patients' dry and dull skin without plumping it up where it is not needed. The thinness of the JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ gel also makes it ideal for improving the texture of thin areas of skin, such as the hands, the neck, and the decolletage and chest area.

When your patients' skin matures, it cannot keep up with hyaluronic acid production. The skin starts to dry out as well as lose volume, becoming dull and creased. By injecting hyaluronic acid back into your patients' skin in the form of JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™, you are replacing this lost moisture as the hyaluronic acid particles attract and bind water within the skin. Skinboosters like JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ improve your patients' skin tone from the inside out, giving them a naturally refreshed look and a healthy glow. Who needs skin lotions when you can restore skin moisture from within?

The innovative formula of JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ allows you to expand your business beyond your existing clientele. Instead of just bringing in patients who have deep and noticeable wrinkles and other skin imperfections, JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ can attract customers whose skin is starting to dry or mature but who are not quite ready for wrinkle reduction yet. Even younger customers can get JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ injections to obtain a healthy glow and smooth, hydrated skin. The great thing about JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ is it even helps you get more business out of your existing customers. When your patients come in for treatments to correct their facial wrinkles, they can also rejuvenate the skin on their neck, decolletage and hands at the same time. It gives your patients an all-over youthful glow at the same time it increases your business. Just mention JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ to your patients the next time they come in for a wrinkle-reducing facial treatment.

JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ could become your clinic's next hot treatment option as patients, both existing and new, realize how well it can restore their skin texture. Make sure you are prepared with plenty of JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ in stock when news of the skinbooster spreads.

You can buy JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ from Medica Depot HERE.

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