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Avoiding The Hidden Danger of Osteoarthritis Injections

When your patients suffer from osteoarthritis, their joints are stiff and painful. Even if they are not totally confined to their house yet, the osteoarthritis pain can keep your patients from enjoying their favorite sports and other activities. Hyaluronic acid injections can be a great way to help your patients feel better and regain their mobility without resorting to knee surgery or medications. However, there is a hidden danger for some of your patients.

Most of the hyaluronic acid injectables on the market for treating osteoarthritis come from a somewhat surprising source. Products like HYALGAN® and SYNVISC® are made from hyaluronic acid that is derived from rooster combs, that red appendage you see on top of a rooster's head. For most people, this does not pose a problem. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is normally found within human joint fluid, so most people do not have an allergic reaction or other severe side effects after their hyaluronic acid injections. However, when hyaluronic acid is sourced from rooster combs, it can cause a problem for people with bird or egg allergies or sensitivities. It is important to ask your osteoarthritis patients about any avian allergies they may have to avoid a potential allergic reaction to their hyaluronic acid injections.

You may think hyaluronic acid injections are out of the question for your patients with avian allergies, but there is an option for them. One of the other hyaluronic acid formulas used to treat osteoarthritis does not come from an avian source. ORTHOVISC® is actually made from bacterial cells and is an ultra-pure formula, which means it is safe for bird allergy sufferers to use. If your patient is unlucky enough to have osteoarthritis and bird allergies, you should choose ORTHOVISC® for their osteoarthritis injections.

One potential problem with using ORTHOVISC® is the possibility of allergic reactions to gram positive bacterial proteins. If your patient has this type of allergy or hypersensitivity, they should avoid ORTHOVISC® and stick to either HYALGAN® or SYNVISC®.

Viscosupplementation with ORTHOVISC® or another hyaluronic acid injection can help bring your patients osteoarthritis relief for six months or even longer by effectively lubricating their joints. Your patients have developed osteoarthritis as their cartilage has broken down over time and allowed their bones to rub together painfully. Since the hyaluronic acid in ORTHOVISC® is similar to the synovial fluid in human joints, it can lubricate and cushion the joints, preventing the bones from rubbing together and preventing bone spurs from developing or worsening. As your patients walk, they no longer get jarring pain in their knee or have stiffness as they walk since their joint is cushioned and lubricated.

While patients with bird or egg allergies may make up a small percentage of your practice, they deserve osteoarthritis relief too. Stock up on ORTHOVISC® to help your avian allergy patients or other patients cope with their osteoarthritis.

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