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Mayo Clinic to open branch in Mall of America

Two of the biggest names in Minnesota -- Mayo Clinic and Mall of America -- are joining forces to create a unique partnership that will combine medicine with tourism. Mall of America has started construction on its 42-acre phase II project that will include not only retail shops, hotels, movie theaters and restaurants, but also a branch of the Mayo Clinic. "Partnering these two Minnesota brands will reinforce our state as a destination for visitors from around the world," said Maureen Bausch, executive vice president of business development at the Mall of America, at a June press conference. Bausch said the demographics of patients visiting the Mayo Clinic are almost identical to those of visitors to the Mall of America. The Mayo Clinic hopes a presence at the mall will be an entry point into the Mayo Clinic for visitors to the Minneapolis area, which is about 90 miles from Mayo's headquarters in Rochester, Minn. The mall, located in the suburb of Bloomington, hopes the Mayo brand will be yet another draw to a destination that is trying to expand its offerings beyond retail. Mayo Clinic officials have not decided the exact scope of care to be offered at the new location. But it said in a prepared statement that services there will "enhance services offered at Mayo Clinic, not replicate them." Some potential concepts may include new models for screening and prevention; services for new and existing patients, including access, appointment and logistics; and educational opportunities. "Mall of America provides an opportunity to offer patient services outside of traditional care models and enhance convenience and connectivity to Mayo Clinic," said Glenn Forbes, MD, CEO of Mayo Clinic Rochester, in a prepared statement. The Mayo Clinic, which also has branches in Phoenix and Jacksonville, Fla., said it and the Mall of America will work together over the next 12 months to develop a concept for the new location. The full and original article can be found here:
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