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Juvederm vs Radiesse For Marionette Lines: Effectiveness Comparison

Juvederm vs Radiesse For Marionette Lines: Effectiveness Comparison

Juvederm and Radiesse are dermal fillers mainly used correct signs of aging. Specifically, these dermal fillers are used to correct wrinkles, marionette lines, and other skin depressions. That being said, Juvederm is a brand of dermal fillers that has various formulations for different concerns. When used specifically for marionette lines, how do Juvederm fillers compare to Radiesse. This article compares the effectiveness of Juvederm and Radiesse for marionette lines. Read on to find out which is best for you.

Juvederm vs Radiesse: Which ingredient is better?

Juvederm dermal fillers are an injectable gel made using hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring type of carbohydrate in your body’s tissues. When concentrated in a gel solution and injected beneath the skin, the hyaluronic acid draws in and holds moisture. Some Juvederm fillers also contain a small amount of lidocaine to make the injection more comfortable.

Radiesse is made from calcium hydroxylapatite — a mineral found in human teeth and bones. The microspheres stimulate the body to produce collagen. This makes it ideal for lifting and filling the cheeks, malar region and deep grooves or depressions below the nose. After stimulating collagen growth, the gel is absorbed by the body over time. Due to its stimulatory effects, the results often last up to 18 months.

Both brands of filler are completely synthetic, biocompatible and biodegradable. Neither ingredient is “better” in comparison; however, the two ingredients have their pros and cons.

How effective are Radiesse and Juvederm for marionette lines?

The effectiveness of either treatment usually depends largely on the severity of the marionette lines.

Radiesse is an excellent choice for smoothing and filling out severe creases. This filler is an excellent choice for patients who have deep skin folds like nasolabial folds, smile lines, and marionette lines. Following intradermal administration, the aqueous carrier gel will instantly plump up the marionette lines while the CaHA microspheres will gradually encourage fibroblasts to synthesize more collagen fibers.

Juvederm is widely regarded as a high-quality and effective medical device, as it can instantly erase and volumize facial lines like nasogenian furrows and marionette lines. The hyaluronic acid fillers work by adding volume and reinforcing the underlying skin structure that had weakened due to aging. Unlike Radiesse, which comes as one formulation with or without lidocaine, there are several fillers in the Juvederm collection that are suitable for correcting marionette lines. Due to this, Juvederm is suitable for treating superficial to severe marionette lines.

While Radiesse doesn’t seem to have been specifically studied for effectiveness in the correction of marionette lines, the manufacturer does claim this filler can last for a year or more when used for this indication. As well, because this filler stimulates the natural production of collagen, many patients prefer it. That being said, Juvederm has shown excellent results when used for the correction of marionette lines. Vollure, Ultra XC, and Ultra Plus XC are often suggested by doctors.

How do I know which facial filler to use for my marionette lines?

When deciding on which filler to use for your marionette lines, you will need to consider how deep the lines are. Some doctors use Radiesse for superficial marionette lines; however, many prefer Juvederm Vollure for superficial lines and Juvederm Ultra for moderate lines. If you have more severe lines, you might want to consider Juvederm Ultra Plus or Radiesse. As well, if you are experiencing volume loss in the cheeks and nasolabial folds, Radiesse is a great option.

Both fillers do have their unique advantages; therefore, it is always best to discuss your desired results with a licensed medical professional. Based on the severity of your marionette lines and your desired outcomes, they will recommend which filler will be most effective for you.

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