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FDA Approves New Breast Implant

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new gel-filled silicone breast implant called the Natrelle 410. It is a highly cohesive anatomically-shaped silicone gel product that is used to increase breast size in women who are age twenty two or older and to rebuild tissue, after surgery, in women of all ages.

The product is manufactured by Allergen, Inc. and is now available for use by plastic and cosmetic surgeons because the Food and Drug Administration analyzed data from nine hundred forty one females and determined that Natrelle 410 is both safe and effective.

Physicians offering this product have been using it on patients for breast reconstruction, primarily necessary after mastectomies due to cancer and for simple, straightforward breast augmentations. That is, of course, for women who are determined to alter and improve their physical appearance.

Natrelle 410 has been rapidly growing in popularity since it received approval from the FDA and, as a result, is being offered by an ever-increasing number of cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Patients like this product because it enables them to enjoy a "natural look and feel" after surgery which is, of course, far more desirable than what happens to women who receive other types of implants.

The cost for this procedure was not indicated and may vary by physician, but when one considers how important it is to most women to "feel whole and complete," especially after a mastectomy it is probably reasonable to assume that cost is not a determining factor in whether or not a female elects to have this surgery performed and this new implant used on her.

If it is as good as some people suggest, Natrelle 410 is likely to become extremely popular in the world of plastic surgery and the company behind it, Allergen Inc. is almost certain to see significant increases in its bottom line.

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