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Orthopedics is a Top-Earning Medical Specialty

Some recent statistics are revealing that orthopedics is a good choice of medical profession. In a survey of physician earnings in 2013, orthopedics professions came out on top of all other medical professions, earning on average $413,000 compared to an average of $174,000 for the lowest-paid doctors. This is great news for those in the field, and something to consider for any doctors or medical students looking at orthopedics as an area of concentration.

Orthopedists saw almost a two percent increase in profits from the previous year. Those who were self-employed but as part of a group practice earned the most, at $459,000. Orthopedists were also happier than many other medical professions, with many citing being able to help patients as the most rewarding part of their job.

Part of the increase in orthopedics profits may be related to the increasing age of the population, with the aging baby boomers, as well as the increase in obesity in North America. Aging patients are more prone to injuries of their bones and joints as they age, as well as being more likely to develop osteoarthritis. Obese patients are also prone to bone and joint injuries and strain as their frame supports an increasing amount of weight.

One notable statistic of the study could also explain the high salaries of those in the orthopedics profession. While on average about fifteen percent of doctors offered ancillary services in their practice, forty-seven percent of orthopedists offered ancillary services. These often included physical therapy, pain-related or occupational health services, MRI, braces and orthotics, or a pharmacy, sometimes in a private orthopedic practice but more often in a group practice. While much of an orthopedist's income comes from surgical procedures, they can often supplement that income with minor in-office procedures, such as by offering joint injections with products such as HYALGAN®.

While surgery can be a higher dollar-value procedure, it can be invasive as well as potentially risky for the patient. Most patients will prefer to put off surgery as long as possible, and injections with HYALGAN® can help osteoarthritis patients do just that. When you inject HYALGAN® into your patient's knee or other joint, the hyaluronic acid helps to cushion and lubricate the joint. Instead of their bones rubbing together painfully with each step, causing inflammation and osteoarthritis flare-ups, HYALGAN® acts as replacement synovial fluid, allowing the joints to function as they would have before the patient developed osteoarthritis.

HYALGAN® also offers an opportunity for family physicians to expand their medical practice into minor orthopedic procedures. General practitioners can offer HYALGAN® injections to their osteoarthritis patients, helping their patients feel better and supplementing their own salary at the same time. Orthopedics is a growing and profitable profession, so it may be worth looking into if you want to expand your family practice.

Orthopedists are sitting high atop the physician salary rankings, and supplementing much of their income with additional in-practice products and services. Part of that could include hyaluronic acid injections, such as with HYALGAN®, but this is something family doctors can get involved with as well. Stock up on HYALGAN® in your clinic and supplement your practice while helping your osteoarthritis patients regain their mobility and live pain-free.

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