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Increase Your Client Base When They Buy a DYSPORT® Party

You may have seen it on TV. Instead of going to their doctor's office or their local MedSpa for their BOTOX® or DYSPORT® injections, some women are opting to buy BOTOX® or DYSPORT® parties in their homes. This is a growing trend that many MedSpas are taking advantage of, but you may be wondering, what are the benefits?

One of the biggest benefits of having your clients host a DYSPORT® party is the increase in your client base. Advertising to bring new customers into your clinic can be costly and time-consuming, but when your client hosts a DYSPORT® party, they are bringing in new clients for you. Usually you would offer some sort of discount to the host, such as a certain dollar amount off their treatment for each client they bring in, or a free DYSPORT® treatment for bringing in a certain number of other clients. Do the calculations to see what makes sense for your business. When your client has the incentive of a free cosmetic treatment to bring in business for you, they will work hard to bring in as many people as they can. They will ask friends and family in person, or they may even turn to social media to invite people to their DYSPORT® party. On social media, your MedSpa may get even more exposure than just the party attendees as their friends and the friends of their friends hear about your business. In exchange for a DYSPORT® discount, you get word-of-mouth advertising.

Another advantage of doing a DYSPORT® party is that it uses up a large quantity of DYSPORT® at once. If you look through your inventory and see that you have too much DYSPORT® approaching its expiry date, doing multiple treatments at the same time can help you clear through your overstock quickly. Sometimes you can even get a discount when purchasing DYSPORT® that is expiring soon, so you may be able to cover the cost of the party host's treatment just with product savings.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a DYSPORT® party, you may be wondering how does it work? Usually the host will gather their friends and family at their own home at a certain time and date. They often offer refreshments and entertainment to give it more of a fun atmosphere. They will usually provide a private room for you to lay out your supplies and do each DYSPORT® injection in private. You or a helper can call each DYSPORT® party attendee in individually to assess their needs and provide their DYSPORT® injections. They can then rejoin the other party guests, with an ice pack if needed, relaxing and sharing their experiences with the other guests.

The great thing about getting one of your clients to host a DYSPORT® party is that you not only get more business for that day, you get more business going forward. Be sure to give out business cards or brochures at the party, and get each guest's contact information to follow up on their treatment. When these party guests see the great results they get from their DYSPORT® treatments, they will come into your clinic in a few months for their next treatment when their wrinkles start to return. They may also decide to host DYSPORT® parties of their own, bringing their own friends and family, so the initial number of party guests could multiply into many new customers for your clinic in the future.

To prepare for the DYSPORT® party, make sure you bring enough DYSPORT® to treat all the guests, as well as some extra in case last-minute attendees arrive. Bring lots of brochures or business cards, some coupons or giveaways if you have any, and something to record the contact information of the guests for a follow-up. Your one client could multiply into many new clients with one successful DYSPORT® party.

You can buy DYSPORT® (also known as RELOXIN®) from Medica Depot HERE.

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