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Drug Seizures Stopped

Today the Wall Street Journal reported that the Bush administration has abandoned its year old policy of seizing shipments of lower-price prescription drugs from Canada. The newspaper reports that by mid-July, Customs officials had seized more than 37,000 prescription drug packages from Canada. Governor Doyle made the following statement: "It is unconscionable that our own federal government had seized more than 37,000 prescriptions intended for Americans who can't afford their medicines. It was a senseless policy, a huge special interest favor to the big drug companies, and I am pleased it has been stopped. "This reversal, though timed right before an election, in nonetheless good news for consumers in Wisconsin and across the country who are desperate for more affordable prescription drugs. It is clear that the Bush Administration is feeling the pressure from states like Wisconsin and from millions of Americans who want access to safe, lower price prescriptions available from Canada. "Even though the Bush Administration has - for now - stopped the drug seizures, the President and his allies in Congress continue to oppose prescription drug reimportation. Instead of harassing consumers and doing the bidding of the big drug lobby, Congress and the President should work with leading states like Wisconsin to develop a broader system to allow citizens to get safe, affordable medicines from Canada." Governor Doyle has been recognized as a national leader in the fight for access to lower price prescription drugs from Canada. The state has established a website where citizens can access safe, affordable medications from Canadian pharmacies that have been inspected by the state. Governor Doyle has also repeatedly urged Congress to pass bipartisan legislation that would dramatically expand access to these medications.
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