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Dermatologists Report High Job Satisfaction

In a recent survey of physicians, it turned out that although dermatology was the eighth-highest paying medical specialty, it had the highest job satisfaction. Seventy-seven percent of dermatologists said if they had to do it all over again, they would choose the same profession. Most dermatologists said the biggest reward was being able to help their patients, so that could account for the happiness that dermatologists experience while on the job.

While dermatologists were not the highest-paid medical specialists, they did make on average $308,000, which is still over $100,000 more than the lowest-paying specialty. Dermatologists who were self-employed earned the most, making on average $338,000 a year in 2013. The highest earners were in a group practice, making on average $361,000. The average dermatologist salary had increased a little since the year before, reflecting a general trend towards an increasing salary for those specialists.

Part of the reason dermatologists made so much, especially working for themselves, was their willingness to offer ancillary services in their practice. This included radiography, in-house laboratory services, light treatments, and cosmetic services. Sometimes dermatologists help people with concerns such as rashes and skin-related medical conditions, but at other times dermatologists help people improve the look of their skin, especially when it comes to premature aging. Many dermatologists find that offering cosmetic services, such as dermal filler injections with TEOSYAL® Deep Lines, make a great complement to their medical practice. This also means that they get to help people not only feel better, relieving a painful and irritating rash, but they also get to help people look better, smoothing out wrinkles or scars.

Many family physicians also offer ancillary services in their clinic, and dermal filler injections present a great opportunity for these doctors to expand their practice and their profits. Many aging patients are concerned with their appearance, and offering TEOSYAL® Deep Lines injections can help patients who have deep facial furrows as well as those that want to enhance their jawline or make other cosmetic improvements. The hyaluronic acid in TEOSYAL® Deep Lines helps to hydrate and add volume to your patient's skin, tightening the skin and helping to smooth out creases and wrinkles, or adding volume to the skin to fill or enhance other areas of your patient's face. You too can help patients improve their appearance, which in turn could boost their confidence and self esteem.

No wonder dermatologists are so happy when they get to help patients improve their appearance. Even a medical problem like a rash can have a devastating effect on a patient's appearance, so helping a patient rid themselves of a persistent rash or other skin condition can improve a patient's appearance as can helping them smooth out their wrinkles and creases with TEOSYAL® Deep Lines injections. Dermatology is also one of the more profitable medical professions and offers the opportunity to deliver extra in-office services and products, like cosmetic injections.

Offering dermal filler injections, such as TEOSYAL® Deep Lines injections, in your medical practice can help boost your income as well as help your patients get the services they want in a convenient location. Stock up on TEOSYAL® Deep Lines and other cosmetic injectables to start offering these services in your office.

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