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Implants Can Hinder Breast Cancer Survival

A new, but small, study has reached a conclusion that cosmetic breast implants may hinder survival in women who contract breast cancer later in life. It's a shocking discovery because many women, especially young women, opt to get breast augmentation, strictly for cosmetic purposes and that, if this study is correct, can lead to life threatening concerns if breast cancer ever strikes.

The study was published in the journal BMW. Researchers conducting the study followed twelve women very closely over a period of time and determined that breast implants, as noted above, can hinder breast cancer survival.

The reason for the problem caused by implants is surprisingly simple. According to the medical professionals that did the research, breast implants make it much more difficult to detect breast cancer at an early stage because the implants produce shadows on mammograms.

Unfortunately for women who have had implant surgery and then get breast cancer, it needs to be detected early to increase the chance of long term survival. That risk should make women think twice before opting for augmentation surgery, but since issues of self-esteem and self confidence play a huge role in the decision to get cosmetic breast implants, it is likely that many women, particularly young women, will continue to "throw caution to the winds" and get their breast sizes increased surgically.

That said, the researchers, while stating the dangerous connection between breast augmentation and breast cancer also added that their study was somewhat inconclusive and not "etched in stone."

According to the medical professionals behind the research, additional studies need to be done to prove or disprove what they believe they have discovered.

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