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Trying Out a Different Brand of Dermal Filler

We human beings are creatures of habit. Most of us will stick with what we know, and when it comes to cosmetic treatments, that often means sticking with the products that were first on the market or the most well known. For dermal fillers, doctors and patients often stick to the major brands, RESTYLANE® and JUVÉDERM®, without giving other facial fillers a try. Sometimes that means missing out on products that may have advantages for your patient.

BELOTERO® is a prime example. Made by Merz, this dermal filler is gaining in popularity with many cosmetic surgeons and patients. BELOTERO BALANCE® takes on the same challenges as RESTYLANE® and JUVÉDERM®, the moderate lines and wrinkles and the minor facial hollows. However, some doctors and their patients that have tried BELOTERO BALANCE® claim it does a much better job than the other dermal fillers.

One advantage of BELOTERO® is its thin, smooth consistency. Merz's patented Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) technology makes BELOTERO® more elastic with no particulate matter. What this means is BELOTERO BALANCE® can flow more evenly and consistently throughout your patient's dermis, adapting to the contours of their face. BELOTERO BALANCE® flows smoothly into thin areas of your patient's dermis, but fills in more volume in the deeper creases and hollows. Many patients report having a smoother and more natural transition between the treated and untreated areas of their face than they do with other dermal filler brands. This is an advantage because your patients likely do not want to make it obvious they have had work done. If they can have treatments to smooth their wrinkles and have it look natural, then that is the ideal situation.

Another advantage of BELOTERO BALANCE® that some aesthetic doctors and their patients report is the lack of the Tyndall effect. Sometimes dermal fillers will cause the Tyndall effect, which is a bluish tinge to the patient's skin. This happens when the dermal fillers are inserted too close to the surface of the patient's skin, so light reflects off the clear particles of the filler. In the case of BELOTERO BALANCE®, the hyaluronic acid gel is smooth and free of particles, so it can be inserted superficially into your patient's skin without worry that it will cause the Tyndall effect. Any time you can reduce the chance of an adverse reaction to a cosmetic treatment, it is an advantage. Because there is less chance of your patient getting a bluish tint to their skin after a BELOTERO BALANCE® injection, you can inject it superficially into your patient's skin to treat fine lines such as crow's feet and smoker's lines.

Like other similar dermal fillers, BELOTERO BALANCE® is made with hyaluronic acid, but the company claims that their product lasts longer without breaking down in your patient's skin. For most patients, BELOTERO BALANCE® will last about six months to a year, giving them smoother, younger-looking skin longer than some other products. Since some doctors and patients do notice advantages of BELOTERO BALANCE® over other dermal fillers, it may be worth giving it a try. You may go back to your usual dermal filler brands, but you may just find a product you love.

You can buy BELOTERO BALANCE® at Medica Depot HERE.

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