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AMA announces App Challenge winners

The idea to replace the index cards that many physicians carry in their lab coats to keep track of hospitalized patients with a smartphone application was a winning one, the American Medical Association decided. The AMA selected the idea for the "Rounder" app as one of two winners to its 2011 AMA App Challenge, which invited physicians, residents and medical students to submit medical app ideas for a smartphone or tablet application. The other winning app, "JAMA Clinical Challenge," is a learning tool that tests physicians' diagnostic skills and offers educational information on specific diagnoses. The app contest was launched last summer and had hundreds of entries. There were two categories: one for ideas submitted by physicians and the other for ideas submitted by residents or medical students. In September, five finalists from each category were announced. Michael Ray Bykhovsky, a third-year medical student at Georgia Health Science University in Augusta, was the winner in the resident/medical student category with his "JAMA Clinical Challenge" app. He was co-president of a campus internal medicine interest group and began the group's "Medical Mystery Diagnosis," tailored to first- and second-year medical students. "The 2011 AMA App Challenge was hugely successful," said AMA Chair-Elect Steven Stack, MD. "Out of the hundreds of ideas submitted, two were selected by AMA members as the next great medical app ideas." The Rounder was the idea of Cynthia L. Beamer, MD, a pediatric emergency physician from San Antonio, who won the physician-submitted category. The app would allow physicians to capture data from hospitalized patients on their smartphones or tablets to easily track and follow the patients' progress. The winning idea in the resident/medical student category was JAMA Clinical Challenge, submitted by Michael Ray Bykhovsky, a third-year medical student at Georgia Health Science University in Augusta, Ga. With this app, users look at images or read vignettes and case information to come up with a diagnosis. As a learning tool, the user also receives a thorough lesson on each diagnosis. "Apps are among the many ways physicians and future physicians learn, stay connected and juggle busy schedules, and we congratulate Dr. Beamer and Mr. Bykhovsky for their innovative and winning ideas," Dr. Stack said. The AMA will develop both apps and bring them to market. Dr. Beamer and Bykhovsky each received $2,500 in cash and prizes. They were also sent to New Orleans in November to the AMA House of Delegates Interim Meeting, where their app ideas were unveiled. The full and original article can be found at:
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