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Sometimes Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Wrinkles may start out as fine lines, but over time your patient's skin will become deeply creased as well as saggy. This may happen with age, but it can also happen if your patient has had sudden weight loss from diet or illness. When your patient has severely wrinkled, sagging skin, no mere anti-aging skin cream will help them. You need to use a product that can penetrate deep into your patient's skin to fix their aging look from the inside out. A regular dermal filler cannot tackle large hollows or deep wrinkles. Although you may inject more volume into the skin, the hyaluronic acid may not be stable enough to retain the proper shape and location under your patient's skin. Products like RESTYLANE® SUBQ™, on the other hand, were made specifically to treat areas with a large loss of volume. The larger hyaluronic acid particles in RESTYLANE® SUBQ™ are able to fill deep wrinkles and hollows yet remain stable within the patient's skin, lasting about six months to a year. ...

Planning Ahead for Seasonal Cosmetic Treatments

You have probably noticed that some times of the year your clinic is swamped with patients wanting to book an appointment, and other times things are a little slower. Some of the more popular times of the year for cosmetic treatments are before the Christmas holidays and during wedding season. This is because your patients want to look their best for special occasions, whether they are the bride-to-be or just a guest at a party. Those times of the year are great opportunities for you to reach out and find new business, but you have to plan ahead and time it right. As you know, some cosmetic treatments do offer almost instant results and some take a little longer. Even injections of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Surgiderm do need to be planned in advance. Even though your patient may have instantly plumped and smoothed skin after their Surgiderm injections, they could have some bruising, swelling, redness or other visible symptoms. Clearly getting a Surgiderm injection ...

Help Patients Refresh Their Appearance for Spring

Spring is here, and after a winter of bitterly cold and stormy weather, people are starting to emerge from their homes into the sunshine. The problem is, winter may have taken its toll on their skin. The cold and dry weather likely dried out your patients' skin, leaving it dry and dull and just not looking its best. Now that Spring is here, many of your patients will want to refresh their appearance as they take off their scarves and get out in the sun. Many of your patients may not need intervention for wrinkles and creases, but their skin could use some refreshment. External skin moisturizers could help, but you can also give your patients hydrated skin from within, making it look more refreshed and brighter. Products like RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR act as a skinbooster as opposed to a dermal filler. RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR is made of hyaluronic acid, just like dermal fillers, but it has a thin formula of small hyaluronic acid particles that you can inje ...