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Buy Xeomin Online Shopping Guide & Help
Where to buy Xeomin? You can buy Xeomin online from various online stores. The process is simple. Choose the quantity you want to order, submit a mailing address to receive your supplies, provide payment details and verify your medical license information. Buying Xeomin is not hard at all and the variety of online retailers can help you reduce your costs. However, finding the best deals when ordering supplies for your medical practice can be time consuming. Price is important but product quality is the most important factor. As you know, authentic Xeomin contains a specific quantity of botulinum toxin. However, this is not the case if you end up receiving a diluted or otherwise counterfeit product. Avoid those scams and save your precious time by letting our purchasing agents point you to the best deals online on nothing else but authentic Xeomin. Need help finding Xeomin or another product? Let us save you time! If you canno [Read more]
Referral Offer on Medica Depot
Refer and earn $379! You order from Medica Depot, so why not refer a colleague? When they create a new account and spend their first $2,000, you each get a $379 credit in your account to spend on any product you desire on Simply have your colleague mention your name to their customer service representative when they set up their new account, or refer their name and phone number to your customer service representative to contact, and both you and your colleague benefit. We will email you when your referral signs up and when your account credit is applied. Tell your colleagues today how they can save on their dermal fillers and other medical supplies. [Read more]
Can Vegans Get Dermal Filler Injections?
As the aging population combines with the rising popularity of vegan lifestyles, you may have run into this question from some of your patients: are dermal fillers vegan? To answer that, you have to take a closer look at how dermal fillers are produced. As you probably know, vegans avoid eating animal products, including meat, eggs, and dairy. This extends to other activities that exploit animals, such as wearing leather. As awareness of the vegan movement grows, more people are taking a closer look at ingredient lists in their cosmetics, opting to choose brands that avoid the use of animal products and animal testing. The same goes for the products used in cosmetic procedures. Some of the first fillers did have animal origins. Collagen, for example, was usually made from cow cells, which would make it not vegan friendly. Even when sodium hyaluronate injections became available for osteoarthritis, some of the earliest were made from material sourced from rooster combs, a method devel [Read more]
Surprising Number of Patients Under 30 Opt for Wrinkle-Reducing Treatments
You may often think of the typical wrinkle-reducing treatment patient as being middle-aged, facing an increasing number of deep wrinkles in the mirror each day. However, a recent survey revealed the surprising number of patients under thirty who get wrinkle-reducing treatments, such as wrinkle-relaxing or wrinkle-filling injections. Aware of the issues they may face later in life, many of these young patients are taking preventative measures in their twenties to improve their future skin quality. It is great to see so many young people wearing sunscreen, moisturizing their skin and eating healthier food to protect their skin from damage, but many are also looking to treat a fine line or wrinkle here and there now so they have less to deal with in the future. In the survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), they revealed that in 2013, their members performed 90,000 wrinkle-relaxing injections with products such as BOTOX® and 30,000 soft-tissue filler injection [Read more]
Cosmetic Treatments are Up 25% Over Previous Year
Some surprising statistics released by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery revealed that doctors performed about 25 percent more cosmetic treatments in 2013 than in the previous year. In 2013, dermatologic surgeons performed almost 6.5 million cosmetic procedures, and this number does not even include other medical specialties or other practitioners that perform these procedures. This is a huge jump in numbers, and it reflects the increasing popularity of wrinkle relaxing and wrinkle filling injections, among other procedures. Cosmetic treatments included in the statistics included a wide range of procedures, from chemical peels to tattoo removal, and from laser hair removal to hair transplants, and all saw an increase. However, the huge overall increase was driven mainly by the top two cosmetic treatment types. Coming out on top were wrinkle-relaxing injections such as BOTOX®, DYSPORT® and XEOMIN®, holding the top position from the previous year as well. These typ [Read more]
Cosmetic Procedures for Brides-to-Be
Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. This used to mean a stunning dress and professional makeup, but increasingly brides are turning to cosmetic surgery to improve their looks before the big day. Some opt for major procedures such as breast augmentation, but others are refreshing their appearance with dermal fillers and other cosmetic injections. Often, wrinkles and sagging skin plague older brides, but younger brides can suffer from the same problems if they have had skin damage or weight loss. Most brides work hard to lose weight before their wedding, either with exercise and diet or with weight loss surgery, and they may be happy with how skinny they look. However, if they have had significant weight loss, they will likely not be happy with their saggy, baggy skin. If the brides-to-be have lost too much weight too fast, their skin cannot keep up and is left loose on their thinner frame. This is often most prominent in their face. For older brides or br [Read more]
Promoting Your Clinic With Social Media
Finding new clients for your clinic can get expensive if you are placing newspaper advertisements, paying for phone book listings and printing fliers to deliver. However, the internet has opened up many cost-effective ways for you find new clients that are interested in your clinic's services. Social media in particular has opened the door to cost-effective advertising. Advertising on social media can cost as little as only the time you invest in it. If you or your staff have some downtime here and there, you can keep up a basic social media presence and attract new business to your clinic online. If you are new to social media, you may not know where best to concentrate your efforts. Facebook is great for clinics and spas because it is a social network made up tight-knit social circles. If your clients have a great experience at your clinic, they will likely want to tell their friends and family so they can look good too. Facebook is highly visual, as are photo-based sites s [Read more]
Sometimes Beauty is More Than Skin Deep
Wrinkles may start out as fine lines, but over time your patient's skin will become deeply creased as well as saggy. This may happen with age, but it can also happen if your patient has had sudden weight loss from diet or illness. When your patient has severely wrinkled, sagging skin, no mere anti-aging skin cream will help them. You need to use a product that can penetrate deep into your patient's skin to fix their aging look from the inside out. A regular dermal filler cannot tackle large hollows or deep wrinkles. Although you may inject more volume into the skin, the hyaluronic acid may not be stable enough to retain the proper shape and location under your patient's skin. Products like RESTYLANE® SUBQ™, on the other hand, were made specifically to treat areas with a large loss of volume. The larger hyaluronic acid particles in RESTYLANE® SUBQ™ are able to fill deep wrinkles and hollows yet remain stable within the patient's skin, lasting about six months to a year. [Read more]
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