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Attracting a Whole New Generation of Clients
Often a Medspa or clinic will become focused on anti-aging treatments. You may have started out offering BOTOX® injections to your older patients. You may then have moved on to dermal fillers and other wrinkle-fighting injections. Although you may have done well by serving this aging demographic, you may be looking to expand your practice as well. One great way to do this is by attracting a younger generation of patients. Bringing younger patients into your Medspa achieves two goals. First, you get more customers now as you open your options up to a wider age range. Second, you gain loyal customers now that will become your anti-aging treatment customers in the future. If these patients are already coming to you for treatments when they are younger, then when they start to see their first fine lines and wrinkles appear, they will know who to go see. Attracting a younger generation of patients to your business ensures future growth. To bring younger patients into your cli [Read more]
More Family Doctors Supplementing Their Practice With Cosmetic Treatments
In a recent survey, there was an increase of family doctors offering other services within their office in 2013 versus 2012. Twenty-three percent of the family doctors surveyed said they offered ancillary services in their office in 2013, which was an increase over the nineteen percent in 2012. Sometimes these services involved nutrition counseling or weight loss programs, sometimes they were alternative treatments such as massage and acupuncture, and sometimes they were medical services such as diagnostic tests and medication dispensation. However, more and more family doctors are also offering cosmetic treatments in their office to supplement their existing medical practice. It is no wonder that family doctors are looking for ways to supplement their incomes. On the same survey, family doctors ranked second-lowest in average income versus other medical specialties. Although this was a respectable $176,000 a year on average, that salary was less than half of what the top speci [Read more]
Orthopedics is a Top-Earning Medical Specialty
Some recent statistics are revealing that orthopedics is a good choice of medical profession. In a survey of physician earnings in 2013, orthopedics professions came out on top of all other medical professions, earning on average $413,000 compared to an average of $174,000 for the lowest-paid doctors. This is great news for those in the field, and something to consider for any doctors or medical students looking at orthopedics as an area of concentration. Orthopedists saw almost a two percent increase in profits from the previous year. Those who were self-employed but as part of a group practice earned the most, at $459,000. Orthopedists were also happier than many other medical professions, with many citing being able to help patients as the most rewarding part of their job. Part of the increase in orthopedics profits may be related to the increasing age of the population, with the aging baby boomers, as well as the increase in obesity in North America. Aging patients are m [Read more]
About a Quarter of Plastic Surgeons Offer In-Office Treatments
A recent survey of physician incomes revealed that plastic surgery was among the top ten highest paid medical specialties. The average salary of a plastic surgeon was $321,000, and this was even higher for those who were self-employed in a group practice, with an average salary of about $383,000. Plastic surgeons made about twice as much as the lowest-paying medical specialty in the survey, making plastic surgery a lucrative choice for medical students to consider. Plastic surgeons had seen about a 1.3 percent increase in salary since 2012, reflecting the general increase in popularity of cosmetic procedures. While surgery made up the bulk of the average plastic surgeon's salary, about 22 percent of plastic surgeons also offered extra services in their office. This included less-invasive cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion, chemical peels, and cosmetic injections. The popularity of cosmetic injections, such as JUVÉDERM® ULTRA 3 injections, has been increasing in recent [Read more]
How to Minimize Dermal Filler Side Effects
Unlike facial fillers such as silicone, which could cause granulomas to form, and collagen, which required an allergy test, dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid are generally safe and well-received by most patients. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance normally found in your patients' connective tissue and joints, so it should not generally cause an allergic reaction or another severe reaction. However, even hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like RESTYLANE® PERLANE® can cause some side effects for your patients. One side effect all your patients will likely experience is some pain or discomfort at the injection site. This is an unavoidable consequence of using a needle to inject RESTYLANE® PERLANE® into your patient's dermis. However, this is easy to avoid by using an anesthetic. One option is to use an EMLA™ cream to numb your patient's skin in the treatment area. However, this may mean your patient has to wait for the anesthetic to take effect. You can also purchase som [Read more]
How to Introduce Cosmetic Injectables Into Your Medical Practice
There is great demand for cosmetic injectables, and the industry is booming. Most experts expect the popularity of cosmetic injectables to continue their growth in the coming years, and as more and more people opt for cosmetic treatments, more and more medical professionals are needed to provide the treatments. The popularity of Medspas and other dedicated cosmetic facilities is growing, and they seem to be popping up everywhere these days. However, many other medical professionals offer cosmetic injections, like TEOSYAL® GLOBAL ACTION, in their practice. This includes plastic surgeons and dermatologists of course, but a variety of other doctors from family doctors to other medical specialists are now offering cosmetic injections as part of their practice. Even dentists in some areas are offering cosmetic injections, as they improve the look of their patients' teeth and then expand that treatment area to include their patients' mouth and surrounding skin. The growing cosmetic [Read more]
Finding an Alternative to a Dermal Filler
When it comes to cosmetic treatments, everyone has their preferences. This goes both for doctors like you and your patients. The most common wrinkle-fighting products are usually either botulinum toxin-based wrinkle relaxing injections or dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid. Each has their advantages and each has their treatment type that they work best for, but there are other products out there that can give similar wrinkle-reducing results but in a different way. One such product is SCULPTRA®, made by Sanofi Aventis. Unlike products like RESTYLANE® and JUVÉDERM®, which are made with hyaluronic acid, SCULPTRA® is made from poly-L-lactic acid microspheres. Sometimes SCULPTRA® is grouped in with dermal fillers, but it actually fights wrinkles in a different way. Dermal fillers made with hyaluronic acid instantly plump up your patient's skin when you inject them, smoothing out the wrinkles that way. However, SCULPTRA® does not instantly add volume and plump your pati [Read more]
Capitalizing on the Growing Facial Injectable Market
The cosmetic treatment market has been growing in recent years, and is expected to keep growing. In fact, in North America alone the facial injectable market is expected to grow to over $1.7 billion by the year 2017, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There are a few different things driving this growth. For one, the population is aging as the baby boomer generation, the largest demographic group, reaches retirement age. This means that there are more older people in the world, driving demand for medical services related to aging, either essential or cosmetic. The medical field as a whole is expected to grow as the population ages, so any medical products and services that are needed by older patients will likely see an increase. This means that those in the business of providing medical products and services will be in demand in the foreseeable future. This includes you. After all, medicine is not only about treating illness and preventing death. Medicine i [Read more]
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