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The Issue of Buyer's Remorse

Medical professionals, in particular Plastic Surgeons, know that there is often Buyer's Remorse from patients, especially after an operation has taken place. The patient, in post-operative discomfort, often wonders why he or she has agreed to subject himself or herself to so much pain and expense, feelings that occupy a patient's mind while recovery is occurring. In your role as a Plastic Surgeon, you know that the vast majority of the surgeries you perrform are elective and not necessary. They are done for cosmetic reasons and have little or nothing to do with a patient's health and well-being. People who submit to elective surgery often have doubts about the wisdom of their decisions. You can help dispel those doubts by acting as a kind of resident psychologist, the wise physician who reminds the patient just why he or she agreed to the surgery. Tell such people that their decisions were wise and sensible and then point out the many benefits that can now be enjoyed after the surg ...

The Problem of Unrealistic Patient Expectations.

Frequently, as you almost certainly know, patients have unrealistic expectations about cosmetic surgery and the results they can get to enjoy from your skilled hands. While most patients that visit your office are probably realistic, it is the percentage of your patients that expects miracles who can make life difficult for you. It's a problem you have certainly encountered from time to time and, it may be one in which you have found it difficult to please the woman or man that accepted -- and paid for -- your services. In truth, there is no easy way to deal with unreasonable expectations. Perhaps the best thing you can do when a potential client consults with you is to be as honest and forthright as possible. If you take that approach, you stand a better chance of modifying expectations you can never meet and that may help your new patient become more realistic. For you and for your potential patient, it is really all about "dreams versus reality." And if you can get a soon- ...

Will ACA be a boon for concierge care?

Mark Niedfeldt, MD, a family physician who practices concierge medicine in a Milwaukee suburb, is fairly certain he'll gain new patients when the Affordable Care Act's main coverage provisions go into effect in 2014. Clients who recently joined the practice tell him, “I figure I should get in now because you'll be full, and I wanted to make sure I had a concierge doctor,” said Dr. Niedfeldt, who runs a traditional retainer practice for individuals as well as a corporate option that offers eligible employees concierge-level primary care. He also sees sports medicine consults. Many of the new patients are business owners themselves, “so they know what's coming,” he said. Dr. Niedfeldt said the new patients are simply doing the math. An estimated 30 million additional patients will enter the insurance system starting in 2014, and based on the fact that many primary care doctors are nearing retirement age, consumers know there are going to be fewer physicians to treat them, h ...