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BOTOX® and Migraines

Plastic surgeons in the US are using BOTOX® to treat migraine headaches — a debilitating neurological condition that, according to the Migraine Association of Canada, affects over three million Canadians and costs our economy around $500 million annually in absenteeism and lost productivity. For The Full Story: ...

SUFU 2007 - Urinary Frequency and Urge Urinary Incontinence in BOTOX®™ Repeated Injections: Outcome Data Using Voiding Diaries and UDI-6 Correlation

Intradetrusor Botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) injection has emerged as a novel therapeutic option for the treatment of idiopathic overactive bladder (I-OAB) refractory to oral antimuscarinic agents. We designed an IRB approved prospective trial to evaluate the improvement in urinary frequency (UF) and urge urinary incontinence (UUI) using voiding diaries (VD), urodynamic findings, validated symptomatic improvement, and quality of life in I-OAB patients submitted to a scheduled re-injection BTX-A protocol. For the Full Story:®_repeated_injections_outcome_data_using_voiding_diaries_and_udi6_correlation.html ...