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Few Young Adults Seek Treatment for Psych Disorders

MONDAY, Dec. 1 -- Psychiatric disorders are common among young adults in the United States, but few seek treatment, a new report shows. To reach this finding, U.S. researchers analyzed data from more than 5,000 respondents, aged 19 to 25, who took part in the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions. The study found that 45.8 percent of the 2,188 college students and 47.7 percent of the young adults not in college met the criteria for at least one psychiatric disorder, but only 25 percent of those with disorders sought treatment over a one-year period. Among college students, the most common disorders were alcohol use (20.4 percent) and personality disorders (17.7 percent). The most common disorders among young adults not in college were personality disorders (21.6 percent) and nicotine dependence (20.7 percent). College students were less likely to have drug-use disorders, nicotine dependence or bipolar disorder, and were less likely to have used tob ...

New Twist on Treatment of Foot Pain

MONDAY, Dec. 1 -- Italian researchers say they've developed a fast, effective, non-invasive treatment for the painful foot condition known as plantar fasciitis. Using a combination of "dry-needling" and steroid injections guided by ultrasound, the researchers say their approach achieved a 95 percent success rate in tackling a condition that afflicts about one million Americans every year and accounts for up to 15 percent of all foot problems. "On a long-term basis, patients recover almost completely from their fasciitis" following the procedure, said study lead author Dr. Luca M. Sconfienza, from the University of Genoa department of experimental medicine. "Overall, the ultrasound guidance allows performing the procedure in total safety." Sconfienza was to present the findings Monday at the Radiological Society of North America annual meeting, in Chicago. Plantar fasciitis produces pain caused by stress placed on the bottom of the foot, which occurs when the plantar fascia ...

Almost Two-Thirds of Americans Meet Exercise Guidelines

THURSDAY, Dec. 4 -- An estimated 65 percent of people in the United States last year met the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. And 49 percent of those people met the Healthy People 2010 physical activity objectives, according to a federal report released Thursday. According to the 2008 guidelines, released in October by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the minimum recommended aerobic physical activity required to produce substantial health benefits in adults is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week, or an equivalent combination of moderate and vigorous physical activity. In addition, muscle-strengthening exercises are recommended at least twice a week. The 2010 guidelines call for adults to do at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity five days per week, or 20 minutes of vigorous activity three days a week. For this study, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers analyz ...