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SSL certificate instaled in

Idea Studio Ltd. ( ) installed an SSL certificate (security certificate) in the web site . The certificate has been issued by GoDaddy - . SSL certificate is important and keeps users data (credit cards info or personal details) when users register or login in Security and user' safety is very important for Medicadepot so this step is reasonable - to prevent stealing of user's information and help users shop online safely. ...

With Psoriasis, the Internet May Offer Hope

THURSDAY, Jan. 22 -- People with psoriasis can get valuable educational, psychological and social support from online communities, a U.S. study finds. It included 260 adults who took part in one of five online support groups. The participants -- mostly white, female, college-educated and averaging 40 years old -- included 188 (73.7 percent) with moderate or severe psoriasis and 206 (79.9 percent) who rated their health as average or better. The availability of resources was the key factor in their use of an online support group, followed by convenience, access to good advice and lack of embarrassment when dealing with personal issues. In addition, about three-fourths of the participants said anonymity was an important feature of online support use. The study found that 49.5 percent of participants said they believed their quality of life improved, and 41 percent perceived improvements in psoriasis severity, after they joined an online group. The findings were published in the ...

Universal Testing, Prompt Treatment Could Slash HIV

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 26 -- A combination of universal voluntary HIV testing and immediate antiretroviral treatment (ART) following diagnosis of HIV infection could reduce HIV cases in a severe generalized epidemic by 95 percent within 10 years, a World Health Organization study finds. The researchers used computer modeling to examine the impact of testing all people aged 15 years and older for HIV every year and starting ART immediately after a person is found to be infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Data from South Africa was used as a test case for a generalized epidemic, and the model assumed all HIV transmission was heterosexual. "Instead of dealing with the constant pressure of newly infected people, mortality could decrease rapidly and the epidemic could begin to resemble a concentrated epidemic with particular populations remaining at risk. The focus of control would switch from making ART available to people with greatest need to providing support and services for ...