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The New Way to Treat Cellulite

A newly-developed treatment for Cellulite, called Cellulaze, can "banish Cellulite in a single visit to your doctor's office. The treatment is costly, it can set you back a few thousand dollars, but by all accounts it is effective. If you opt to have this procedure, it will be done as outpatient surgery right in your doctor's office. He will begin by injecting anesthesia into your thighs or whatever part of your body that needs the treatment. The next step requires that your physician make several very small incisions on the body part that is being targeted. And then, the work really begins. Cellulaze requires that a special laser gun be employed to correct and eliminate your cellulite problem. Your doctor will "aim" his or her laser gun at the "fat globules" -- or bubbles -- that are the cause of your unsightly condition. The laser rays will then "pop" the fat bubbles, destroying them and, as a result, restoring your thighs or other affected body part to its original trim and slim ...

How to Deal With Your Patient's High Expectations

When it comes to cosmetic or plastic surgery and people's expectations about results, it is best for you, as the practicing physician, to be realistic and to tell your patient "the truth." It will come as no surprise to you to learn that far too many patients have unrealistically high expectations which can never be met, certainly not by you. For such people, the reality rarely, if ever, matches up to the dream. It is that way because cosmetic or plastic surgery, while effective, is still somewhat limited. And patients who opt for these elective treatments want to end up with the physical appearance of professional models. Your job as a skilled and capable physician is to give your patient the best possible treatment so that he or she can enjoy the benefits of great results. But, before you even begin surgery, it is vitally important that you spend time in consultation with your new client. Educate your client with doses of reality that dispel unreasonable dreams. Importantly, peop ...

Should Plastic Surgery Be Free?

It may seem improbable, even shocking, but the fact is there are people who probably visit your office hoping that the work you perform on them will be "free of charge." Perhaps such people have read somewhere that standard health insurance fully covers elective Plastic Surgery and they want you to perform surgery on them for no cost. Of course, any surgeries you perform require payment. And you certainly deserve to receive compensation for the skills and knowledge you've acquired, beginning with many years of schooling and the years you've spent since then honing your plastic surgery skills. It seems clear that education is key to helping your potential patients understand that there is a cost involved in your professional services and that it can be signficant. When you engage in an initial consultation with a potential new patient, simply let him or her know that there are three primary costs involved in the work you will do. The first charge is for the Surgical Fee and it is li ...