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The Truth About Global Medical Tourism

A team of British researchers has been issuing public warnings to governments and health care organizations all over the world to avoid falling for the hype that seems to surround the idea of medical tourism. The compelling lure or promise of extremely lucrative markets and significant global marketing opportunities builds a kind of aura around medical tourism and often makes it very hard to resist. The medical professionals who conducted the research in the United Kingdom (UK) have stepped forward to directly challenge the view -- or the belief -- that there are rapidly growing numbers of people worldwide that are now ready to travel great distances across national borders and even vast oceans to get much needed medical treatment for a broad variety of health or cosmetic reasons. The researchers claim that the perceived markets of vast numbers of medical tourists simply don't exist, that in fact, there are relatively few people with the financial means and the desire to becom ...

Doctors Grow Full-Sized Human Ear

A team of doctors led by a physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston were able to grow an artificial ear a bit earlier this year. The doctors involved in the laboratory work used structural tissue and cells from animals to "create" the full-sized ear. When completed, the ear looked and felt real, just as if it were a normal human ear that developed naturally prior to and at birth. Importantly, the doctors involved in the development of the artificial ear were able to say that it distorted only minimally during regular growth because of the incorporation of a thin wire frame that was used to help the ear retain its shape under all conditions. When asked about their remarkable achievement, the doctors who were involved in the development of the artificial ear said they hoped that in the not-too-distant future they, or other doctors, would be able to apply the very same techniques to create an artificial ear using human tissue and cells. What is interesting and ...

Chin Surgeries Are On The Rise

Statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that chin augmentation surgery is one of the fastest growing plastic or cosmetic surgery treatments in the United States among all major demographics. That means, of course, that this special type of surgery is extremely popular with all racial groups, all ethnic groups, both sexes and people of all ages. In fact, in the recent past chin augmentation surgery grew more than breast augmentation, BOTOX® injections and liposuction combined. That impressive showing occurred as recently as 2011, just about two years ago. The popularity of this relatively new procedure seems to be rooted in the fact that aging baby boomers, after looking in the mirror, develop an urgent need to restore a youthful appearance for themselves. It is, for these older Americans, probably part vanity and, perhaps more importantly, a desire to recapture and hold on to fading youth. And, while chin augmentation has clearly capture ...