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Treating Your Patient's Forgotten Wrinkles

Your patients look in the mirror every day and focus on those crow's feet and other facial wrinkles they would like to get rid of. You can help them, of course, when they come into your aesthetic clinic for dermal filler or wrinkle relaxing injections. However, when they leave your clinic with their smoother, younger-looking face, they may not realize that their beauty secret is about to betrayed. It's not their best friend spreading beauty gossip, it's their own body. Your patient's younger-looking face may be in sharp contrast to its neighbor, a wrinkled neck. The neck is often neglected in beauty routines throughout your patient's life. Your patient is careful to put moisturizer on their face every night and morning, and sunscreen on their face when they go out in the sun. However, most people miss giving their neck any attention at all. Their neck gets just as exposed to the sun and other environmental damage, and the skin is just as sensitive as the skin of the face. Th ...

How to Offer Cosmetic Treatments for Less

While your potential customers might dream of making cosmetic improvements to their appearance, the unfortunate truth is that they may not be able to afford cosmetic treatments. Some of them may be saving for months, bit by bit, to get the cosmetic treatments they dream of for a special occasion. Even your more affluent clients may have a mortgage, car payments, and private school fees to pay for. To your budget-conscious customers, every dollar counts, and cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers may seem out of reach. Every once in a while you even hear horror stories of how things went horribly wrong when someone tried to save money on a cosmetic improvement. There are stories about people dying after injecting themselves with substances like petroleum jelly or falling ill after getting cosmetic treatments with counterfeit products. There really is no need for people to put their health at risk like this just to save a bit of money on their appearance. There are a few thin ...

Sea Urchins Can Help Make You Look Young

Sea urchins and sea cucumbers have the unusual and remarkable ability to change the elasticity of collagen in their bodies and, as a result, these underwater creatures may hold the key to maintaining a youthful appearance in human beings. The conclusion, which may sound a bit odd, comes from a study that was conducted by medical researchers and scientists at Queen Mary University of London. The team behind the study investigated the genes of sea urchins and sea cucumbers and found the results indicated above -- these creatures have the ability to alter the elasticity of the collagen that exists in their bodies. The researchers studied thousands of the underwater creatures and were able to determine that their genes were actually able to soften or, in some cases, harden, their collagen. According to the lead researcher, "it's an incredibly important and valuable discovery." It is also very exciting according to the medical professionals because, even though sea urchins and s ...