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How to Attract a Younger Client Base

Often aesthetic clinics cater to middle-aged and older clients, helping mothers and grandmothers smooth out the wrinkles on their aging faces. Some women in their twenties will come in for anti-aging treatments, but more often your clients have waited until they are plagued with visible wrinkles on their faces before they come in to see you. That is great, you do love helping your older clients, but as a business you also need to keep expanding your client base for your business to grow. Over time, even your most loyal customers might reach an age where they no longer want to fight their wrinkles, they may run short on funds, or they may move to a different town, so if you do not attract more clients, your business will start to shrink. One way to expand your client base is to expand the ages of clients you attract to your aesthetic clinic. The effect of attracting younger clients is two-fold. Firstly, of course, you get a higher number of clients. Secondly, though, you bring ...

Using Cross-Promotion to Market Your Clinic

If you want more customers for your clinic, you have to do some marketing. You can do some advertising online or in the local newspaper, or you can mail or hand out flyers, and all of these techniques can be effective. However, sometimes it can be difficult to target the exact audience you want without spending a fortune. Luckily there is a way to target just the right type of customers who are looking for a business like yours without spending a ton of money: cross-promotion. So what is cross-promotion? Cross-promotion is when you partner with another business who is not in direct competition with you, but who has clients in a similar demographic as yours, to market to each others' customers. For example, if your clinic offers dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® ULTRA 2, you would not want to do a cross-promotion with local businesses offering the same JUVÉDERM® injections. However, you could partner with businesses with similar clientele that are generally women who are in ...

Scientists Grow Artificial Skin

Scientists have developed what can best be described as a breakthrough technique for growing artificial skin. It involves the use of stem cells that are taken from the umbilical cord. The discovery, if it proves to be successful after sufficient testing, will almost certainly help major burn victims heal more quickly as a result of faster skin grafting. What is particularly exciting about this latest development is that artificial skin can be stored for long periods of time and then can be used when needed. The information about this latest and very exciting development was released by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations. That agency also said that as recently as 2008 there were about four hundred ten thousand burn injuries in the United States, forty thousand of which required hospitalization and major surgery. The current process for treating human burn victims involves the use of healthy skin which is taken from the patient's body and used for skin grafting ...