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Increase Your Client Base When They Buy a DYSPORT® Party

You may have seen it on TV. Instead of going to their doctor's office or their local MedSpa for their BOTOX® or DYSPORT® injections, some women are opting to buy BOTOX® or DYSPORT® parties in their homes. This is a growing trend that many MedSpas are taking advantage of, but you may be wondering, what are the benefits? One of the biggest benefits of having your clients host a DYSPORT® party is the increase in your client base. Advertising to bring new customers into your clinic can be costly and time-consuming, but when your client hosts a DYSPORT® party, they are bringing in new clients for you. Usually you would offer some sort of discount to the host, such as a certain dollar amount off their treatment for each client they bring in, or a free DYSPORT® treatment for bringing in a certain number of other clients. Do the calculations to see what makes sense for your business. When your client has the incentive of a free cosmetic treatment to bring in busine ...

Making More from Your MedSpa's Existing Customers

Every time you place an advertisement in a newspaper, or have flyers printed and distributed, or make some other marketing effort, you are aware of just how much money that is taking out of your business. It is an investment, of course, bringing you more future business to make up for your marketing costs, but what if there was a way to make more money in your MedSpa without having to pay for marketing? It is possible. All you have to do is look at marketing opportunities with your existing clients. One way to profit from your existing clients is to maintain an email and physical mailing list as well as keep their phone numbers on file. This allows you to keep in touch with existing and past customers to keep them interested in your business. You know that BOTOX® treatments or dermal filler treatments are temporary, and your clients should return a few months later to maintain their wrinkle-reducing results. Send your clients a note every few months when their follow-up treat ...

How to Make Those Cosmetic Treatment Results Last

Cosmetic treatments are a big investment for some patients. They may have to save up to get their dream aesthetic treatment results, so they want to get the most value out of their treatments and make them last as long as possible. The longevity of dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments does vary, but most dermal fillers last about six months to a year. However, there is a way to make the beautiful results of those cosmetic treatments last even longer. TOUCH UP treatments can help your patients stay wrinke-free even longer than they normally would with their dermal filler injections. Teoxane made TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP for just this purpose. TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP actually has the same cross-linked hyaluronic acid formula as their popular TEOSYAL® GLOBAL ACTION dermal filler, but it comes in a more convenient quantity. Instead of buying the entire 1 ml syringe, your patients can instead purchase the 0.5 ml syringe of TEOSYAL® TOUCH UP. This means they can spend about half as ...