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Bigger Lips are a Growing Trend

Lip augmentation is a growing trend, and it is no surprise. Many women want plumper, sexier lips beyond what lipstick or lip gloss can achieve. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, lip augmentation procedures grew in the US from over 18,000 in the year 2000 to over 25,000 in 2012. That's an increase of 35 percent, with a total spend just in 2009, for example, of over $37 million. There are a few things driving this lip augmentation trend. One is the prominence of celebrities that have plumped up their own lips, with many fans wanting to follow suit. Another is the simplicity of lip augmentation procedures these days. Originally, lip augmentation involved injecting fat or collagen into a patient's lips to achieve the full lip effect. However, collagen injections did cause some allergic reactions, and patients had to often wait for the results of an allergy test to come back before finally moving forward with their lip procedure. These injections have largely ...

Avoiding The Hidden Danger of Osteoarthritis Injections

When your patients suffer from osteoarthritis, their joints are stiff and painful. Even if they are not totally confined to their house yet, the osteoarthritis pain can keep your patients from enjoying their favorite sports and other activities. Hyaluronic acid injections can be a great way to help your patients feel better and regain their mobility without resorting to knee surgery or medications. However, there is a hidden danger for some of your patients. Most of the hyaluronic acid injectables on the market for treating osteoarthritis come from a somewhat surprising source. Products like HYALGAN® and SYNVISC® are made from hyaluronic acid that is derived from rooster combs, that red appendage you see on top of a rooster's head. For most people, this does not pose a problem. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is normally found within human joint fluid, so most people do not have an allergic reaction or other severe side effects after their hyaluronic acid injecti ...

Don't Forget, Men Care About Their Looks Too

Sometimes when you run a MedSpa you focus on your typical client. The stereotypical cosmetic procedure client is a woman around middle-age who comes in for anti-aging treatments. When you prepare your marketing materials to bring in new clients, the typical client comes to mind, and that is the demographic you target. You may target the stereotypical MedSpa client directly by selecting where to advertise your business, or you may target the stereotypical MedSpa client indirectly by focusing on procedures and using imagery that appeals to that target group. While this can be an effective way to bring in more middle-aged women, you may be unintentionally driving away other potential business. One often overlooked group is men, who may be intimidated by your MedSpa's focus on serving women. Traditionally, cosmetic treatments were mainly for women, but much has changed in recent years. More and more men are coming into MedSpas to improve their looks, often hoping to reduce the app ...