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Aging Population Fuels Demand for Osteoarthritis Injections

Osteoarthritis is an inevitable consequence of aging for most people. In fact, researchers estimate that half of your patients will develop osteoarthritis of the knee by the time they reach the age of 85. Currently, over 50 million people in the U.S. alone have been diagnosed with arthritis, making arthritis treatments a significant and important part of healthcare. However, the number of arthritis patients is expected to increase in coming years. By the year 2030, experts estimate that over 67 million Americans will be diagnosed with arthritis, and this number could grow even more beyond that date. So what is fueling this increase in osteoarthritis diagnosis? One factor is the aging population. Although osteoarthritis is not limited to older patients, many people do develop osteoarthritis as they age. The "baby boomer" population is the largest demographic group in North America, and this population is reaching and passing retirement age. As this large group ages, there wil ...

How to Resculpt a Face Without Plastic Surgery

Some patients want to make minor cosmetic improvements to their bodies. Others want to go to the extreme, totally changing their face to look like their favorite celebrity or even a Barbie doll. Somewhere in between you have patients that would like to make moderate changes to their face, maybe a nose of a different shape or apple cheeks or a more sculpted jawline. Depending on exactly what changes your patients want to make, they may not have to resort to plastic surgery to get the look they want. You can shape and sculpt your patients' features using special dermal fillers. One such sculpting dermal filler is TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP. Swiss pharmaceutical company Teoxane developed an entire line of dermal fillers instead of just one general filler, each with a specific purpose. TEOSYAL® ULTRA DEEP is their densest formula, made with non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, and created to tackle the deepest and most voluminous areas of your patients' faces. You can inject TEOSYAL ...

Refreshing Your Patient's Appearance

Most dermal fillers help to correct wrinkles, hollows or other major skin flaws. Dermal fillers made with hyaluronic acid also have the added benefit of refreshing your patient's skin, leaving it not only smoother but also more hydrated with a healthy glow. People working in the skincare industry started to wonder if they could give the same hydrated and refreshing benefits of a dermal filler without adding unnecessary volume to their patients' skin. JUVÉDERM® responded to this need by creating a lighter version of its dermal fillers, a skinbooster called JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™. You may be wondering what is the difference between a skinbooster and a regular dermal filler? JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ and the other JUVÉDERM® products are all made from the same main ingredient, hyaluronic acid. However, the JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ particles are smaller, allowing it to spread evenly and thinly within your patients' skin. This means that you can use JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ to give ref ...