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Planning Ahead for Seasonal Cosmetic Treatments
You have probably noticed that some times of the year your clinic is swamped with patients wanting to book an appointment, and other times things are a little slower. Some of the more popular times of the year for cosmetic treatments are before the Christmas holidays and during wedding season. This is because your patients want to look their best for special occasions, whether they are the bride-to-be or just a guest at a party. Those times of the year are great opportunities for you to reach out and find new business, but you have to plan ahead and time it right. As you know, some cosmetic treatments do offer almost instant results and some take a little longer. Even injections of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Surgiderm do need to be planned in advance. Even though your patient may have instantly plumped and smoothed skin after their Surgiderm injections, they could have some bruising, swelling, redness or other visible symptoms. Clearly getting a Surgiderm injection [Read more]
Help Patients Refresh Their Appearance for Spring
Spring is here, and after a winter of bitterly cold and stormy weather, people are starting to emerge from their homes into the sunshine. The problem is, winter may have taken its toll on their skin. The cold and dry weather likely dried out your patients' skin, leaving it dry and dull and just not looking its best. Now that Spring is here, many of your patients will want to refresh their appearance as they take off their scarves and get out in the sun. Many of your patients may not need intervention for wrinkles and creases, but their skin could use some refreshment. External skin moisturizers could help, but you can also give your patients hydrated skin from within, making it look more refreshed and brighter. Products like RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR act as a skinbooster as opposed to a dermal filler. RESTYLANE® VITAL™ LIGHT INJECTOR is made of hyaluronic acid, just like dermal fillers, but it has a thin formula of small hyaluronic acid particles that you can inje [Read more]
How to Choose the Correct Dermal Filler Treatment
When it comes to cosmetic treatments, one product does not fit all. While a standard dermal filler can correct a wide range of wrinkles and creases, it cannot tackle all applications. When you are purchasing products for your clinic, it is important to have a wide variety of products so you can choose the best dermal filler for a particular application. That way, you can ensure you give your patients the best results possible. The different types of dermal fillers you should keep in your clinic include at least a general dermal filler, a thinner skinbooster made of hyaluronic acid, a thicker formula for treating deep lines or facial hollows, and a lip filler, as well as a botulism toxin product. That way, when a patient comes in with a particular problem, you have the correct product readily available. The first thing you need to do when a patient comes into your clinic is ask them what their concerns are. While you might think they have a problem with wrinkles, or creases, [Read more]
Dermatologists Report High Job Satisfaction
In a recent survey of physicians, it turned out that although dermatology was the eighth-highest paying medical specialty, it had the highest job satisfaction. Seventy-seven percent of dermatologists said if they had to do it all over again, they would choose the same profession. Most dermatologists said the biggest reward was being able to help their patients, so that could account for the happiness that dermatologists experience while on the job. While dermatologists were not the highest-paid medical specialists, they did make on average $308,000, which is still over $100,000 more than the lowest-paying specialty. Dermatologists who were self-employed earned the most, making on average $338,000 a year in 2013. The highest earners were in a group practice, making on average $361,000. The average dermatologist salary had increased a little since the year before, reflecting a general trend towards an increasing salary for those specialists. Part of the reason dermatologists m [Read more]
How to Fight the First Signs of Aging
When people get older, they do not wake up one day to find their face is covered with wrinkles. It is a gradual process, starting with the first fine lines, usually around the eyes and mouth. Even these first few minor fine lines can cause someone to appear prematurely aged with a tired look. This can be disheartening for someone who is only in their thirties or forties. When these patients come into your clinic looking to smooth and refresh their face, you do have a solution for them. You cannot use a thicker formula of dermal filler on these patients without adding too much volume and making their skin look unnatural. However, there are thinner formulas of dermal fillers made especially for fine lines, such as BELOTERO SOFT®. Like many other dermal fillers, BELOTERO SOFT® is made with hyaluronic acid. However, BELOTERO® uses a Cohesive Polydensified Matrix technology to make the hyaluronic acid gel smooth and elastic. This means that BELOTERO SOFT® can flow evenly th [Read more]
Attracting a Whole New Generation of Clients
Often a Medspa or clinic will become focused on anti-aging treatments. You may have started out offering BOTOX® injections to your older patients. You may then have moved on to dermal fillers and other wrinkle-fighting injections. Although you may have done well by serving this aging demographic, you may be looking to expand your practice as well. One great way to do this is by attracting a younger generation of patients. Bringing younger patients into your Medspa achieves two goals. First, you get more customers now as you open your options up to a wider age range. Second, you gain loyal customers now that will become your anti-aging treatment customers in the future. If these patients are already coming to you for treatments when they are younger, then when they start to see their first fine lines and wrinkles appear, they will know who to go see. Attracting a younger generation of patients to your business ensures future growth. To bring younger patients into your cli [Read more]
More Family Doctors Supplementing Their Practice With Cosmetic Treatments
In a recent survey, there was an increase of family doctors offering other services within their office in 2013 versus 2012. Twenty-three percent of the family doctors surveyed said they offered ancillary services in their office in 2013, which was an increase over the nineteen percent in 2012. Sometimes these services involved nutrition counseling or weight loss programs, sometimes they were alternative treatments such as massage and acupuncture, and sometimes they were medical services such as diagnostic tests and medication dispensation. However, more and more family doctors are also offering cosmetic treatments in their office to supplement their existing medical practice. It is no wonder that family doctors are looking for ways to supplement their incomes. On the same survey, family doctors ranked second-lowest in average income versus other medical specialties. Although this was a respectable $176,000 a year on average, that salary was less than half of what the top speci [Read more]
Orthopedics is a Top-Earning Medical Specialty
Some recent statistics are revealing that orthopedics is a good choice of medical profession. In a survey of physician earnings in 2013, orthopedics professions came out on top of all other medical professions, earning on average $413,000 compared to an average of $174,000 for the lowest-paid doctors. This is great news for those in the field, and something to consider for any doctors or medical students looking at orthopedics as an area of concentration. Orthopedists saw almost a two percent increase in profits from the previous year. Those who were self-employed but as part of a group practice earned the most, at $459,000. Orthopedists were also happier than many other medical professions, with many citing being able to help patients as the most rewarding part of their job. Part of the increase in orthopedics profits may be related to the increasing age of the population, with the aging baby boomers, as well as the increase in obesity in North America. Aging patients are m [Read more]
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