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How to Choose the Correct Dermal Filler Treatment

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, one product does not fit all. While a standard dermal filler can correct a wide range of wrinkles and creases, it cannot tackle all applications. When you are purchasing products for your clinic, it is important to have a wide variety of products so you can choose the best dermal filler for a particular application. That way, you can ensure you give your patients the best results possible. The different types of dermal fillers you should keep in your clinic include at least a general dermal filler, a thinner skinbooster made of hyaluronic acid, a thicker formula for treating deep lines or facial hollows, and a lip filler, as well as a botulism toxin product. That way, when a patient comes in with a particular problem, you have the correct product readily available. The first thing you need to do when a patient comes into your clinic is ask them what their concerns are. While you might think they have a problem with wrinkles, or creases, ...

Dermatologists Report High Job Satisfaction

In a recent survey of physicians, it turned out that although dermatology was the eighth-highest paying medical specialty, it had the highest job satisfaction. Seventy-seven percent of dermatologists said if they had to do it all over again, they would choose the same profession. Most dermatologists said the biggest reward was being able to help their patients, so that could account for the happiness that dermatologists experience while on the job. While dermatologists were not the highest-paid medical specialists, they did make on average $308,000, which is still over $100,000 more than the lowest-paying specialty. Dermatologists who were self-employed earned the most, making on average $338,000 a year in 2013. The highest earners were in a group practice, making on average $361,000. The average dermatologist salary had increased a little since the year before, reflecting a general trend towards an increasing salary for those specialists. Part of the reason dermatologists m ...

How to Fight the First Signs of Aging

When people get older, they do not wake up one day to find their face is covered with wrinkles. It is a gradual process, starting with the first fine lines, usually around the eyes and mouth. Even these first few minor fine lines can cause someone to appear prematurely aged with a tired look. This can be disheartening for someone who is only in their thirties or forties. When these patients come into your clinic looking to smooth and refresh their face, you do have a solution for them. You cannot use a thicker formula of dermal filler on these patients without adding too much volume and making their skin look unnatural. However, there are thinner formulas of dermal fillers made especially for fine lines, such as BELOTERO SOFT®. Like many other dermal fillers, BELOTERO SOFT® is made with hyaluronic acid. However, BELOTERO® uses a Cohesive Polydensified Matrix technology to make the hyaluronic acid gel smooth and elastic. This means that BELOTERO SOFT® can flow evenly th ...